We provide auto detailing, maintenance, and Jaguar repair service at the highest level! Our experienced staff can cope with any problem, thanks to advanced high-tech diagnostic and repair equipment and extensive experience with luxury brands.

Sophisticated machinery always creates severe challenges for service technicians to pinpoint the causes of problems but not for us.

How We Work

In our case, Jaguar repair service is carried out according to a specific scheme:

  • Accurate diagnostics - the most crucial step during which the specialists check all the key components of your car, identifying the root causes of malfunctions.
  • Point-to-point repair - we repair what's gone wrong without jacking up prices.
  • Use of original spare parts of appropriate quality allows us to guarantee the quality of work.
  • Complex Jaguar car service - repairing the engine, regardless of a particular diesel modification (three, five-liter turbo-diesel or atmospheric), the masters eliminate the very problem and the cause of its origin.
  • Competent consultation - after the end of the works, our specialists consult the vehicle owners, which allows avoiding many technical problems in the future.

Our Warranties

  1. You get top-quality results at an optimal and fully justified price.
  2. We work within the shortest possible time: whether it is a suspension repair or a complex computer correction of electronics, we cope with the tasks as quickly as possible.
  3. Our team ensures a truly professional approach: we can repair Jaguar in UAE as we are perfectly familiar with your vehicle and ready to help you solve any problem, starting with a simple oil change and ending with an engine overhaul.

Reliable Jaguar Service Center

We make every effort to ensure that every part of your auto is in perfect condition. Highly trained and experienced service technicians are dedicated to making it work efficiently. Thorough diagnostics, Jaguar repair service, and maintenance are carried out in our service center using modern methods and specialized equipment. You will not only get guaranteed quality and professional service but also save your time.

Jaguar Maintenance

Jaguar maintenance is a set of preventive services to maintain the car owner's safety and comfort. Thu, it’s necessary to follow the regulations depending on mileage and the period of time recommended by the manufacturer. The professionals at our service station provide the best possible maintenance.

During the process, we consider that with increasing mileage, rubbing parts of the engine, spare parts, transmission, chassis, and suspension begin to wear down. At this stage, factory defects are usually detected, which, if eliminated in time, do not lead to severe breakdowns.

Jaguar Key Fob Replacement

The loss or breakage of a key makes life difficult for the vehicle's owner. Firstly, it is impossible to open and start the car; secondly, in case of loss, there is a risk that the key will end up in the hands of intruders, which means that theft is possible. Such fears are especially actual in the case of premium cars.

You can buy duplicate keys for any vehicle in our store. We will professionally and quickly provide Jaguar key fob replacement: pick up and set up new keys.

Jaguar Oil Change

Engine oil gradually thickens when you use your vehicle. In addition, foreign particles such as dust, dirt, and small debris get into its composition. This can negatively impact the engine's operation and sometimes even lead to its failure. For this reason, having your oil changed on time is vital, and it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Changing the oil in your Jaguar every 5,000 to 10,000 km is recommended. However, the timing of maintenance depends on other factors as well, namely:

  • the condition of the power unit;
  • the peculiarities of using the car;
  • time of year;
  • the quality of the fluid.

You will need a Jaguar oil change more often if:

  • the car is regularly overloaded by weight;
  • the automobile is idle for long periods of time and is operated occasionally;
  • the owners of the vehicle frequently drive on mountain roads or in hilly areas;
  • the fuel used is of improper quality.

In the above cases, you should be guided not by the regulations but by the car's condition.

Jaguar Timing Belt Change

The timing belt is one of the most critical elements of the engine, ensuring its smooth operation. The Jaguar timing belt change at our service center is carried out under the manufacturer's regulations. We provide service to automobiles of the famous brand under warranty and post-warranty conditions. We have an entire staff of specialized mechanics with extensive experience, thoroughly knowing the construction of all sports sedans. The modern equipment combined with the stock of original spare parts, repair kits, and certified consumables in our warehouse allows you to quickly eliminate malfunctions of different complexity.

Jaguar Battery Replacement

Even careful vehicle operation cannot prevent daily battery wear and tear. Over time, the battery may become faulty. In this case, you may not even be able to start the internal combustion engine. You can identify that the battery is malfunctioning by the following signs:

  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Fuel leakage.
  • The signal of the internal combustion engine system malfunction appears.
  • The engine is difficult to start or will not start completely.
  • Battery damage.
  • Battery has reached its maximum service life.

If the battery is defective, it will be necessary to replace it. At the same time, it is highly not recommended to carry out the replacement by yourself, because you will need not only special equipment and tools but also knowledge of the electrical part of the auto. The best way will be to turn to a specialized Jaguar repair service station that serves vehicles with all necessary equipment and tools. Qualified Jaguar mechanic with extensive experience will provide quality Jaguar battery replacement.

Jaguar Gearbox Oil Change

Changing the oil in your Jaguar's automatic transmission is essential to the vehicle's maintenance routine. Our service center provides a quality guarantee for Jaguar gearbox oil change on favorable terms.

The need to change the oil in the automatic transmission usually occurs every 52.000 - 65.000 km mileage. More frequent fluid renewal is required when driving in the city with a considerable load. Reducing the period between replacements by 30-50% is necessary in such cases.

No less important is the right choice of transmission fluid. Only the brands recommended for the specific vehicle model or on the manufacturer's website should be used. In case of any doubts, it is best to contact our service station for professional assistance. We will ensure that lubricants are chosen following the technical regulations and the actual operating conditions of the vehicle.

Jaguar Cambelt Change

For every car owner, one of the most unpleasant malfunctions is a cambelt breakdown in the timing system. Over time, the car's cambelt is exposed to a lot of use and can break one day. If this happens, we recommend resolving this problem as soon as possible by replacing the cambelt with a new one. The main signs of failure are:

  • Coolant oil leaking from under the hood.
  • Other smoke coming from the exhaust.
  • Creaking under the hood.

At the same time, it is highly not recommended to conduct the Jaguar cambelt change by yourself. You will need not only special equipment and tools but also the knowledge, which can only be obtained as the result of a long training for an auto mechanic.

An excellent option will be to delegate this task to a specialized Jaguar repair service station using professional equipment and tools of high quality and in a short time.

Jaguar Engine Rebuild

Jaguar engines are examples of engineering and technical excellence, offering superior power and performance. However, due to their complex design, they need to be maintained responsibly. Violation of operating rules and natural wear and tear often lead to failures. Professional Jaguar engine rebuild will help extend the life of the automobile. Our service station carries out all works in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, using modern technologies and equipment.

Jaguar Brake Pad Replacement

Vehicles of this brand are powerful sports cars and fast sedans designed for experienced motorists. That's why your car's braking system must always be in perfect condition to ensure the safety of both the driver and other road users. Periodic Jaguar brake pad replacement ensures that the brakes work in a timely manner.

Experienced car owners include inspection and replacement of pads in their routine maintenance. You can get this service in our garage nearby. We provide all repair and tuning services. Technicians will fix your vehicle of any model and year, no matter how complex the breakdown is.

Jaguar Transmission Repair

These luxury business sedans are equipped with hard-wearing transmissions with electronic control units. Under standard operating conditions, they can last between 250,000 and 280,000 kilometers.

High loads, an aggressive driving style, poor maintenance, and other factors lead to the fact that sooner or later, the transmission fails. You must replace worn and damaged parts to restore their functionality and performance.

We can perform diagnostics and Jaguar transmission repair in Dubai, Al Quoz at affordable prices in our technical center. We have all the necessary equipment and special tools, only original spare parts and recommended working fluids are used.

Jaguar Diagnostics

We offer you to make an appointment for comprehensive Jaguar diagnostics at your convenience. The procedure allows you to accurately assess the condition of your vehicle and detect possible malfunctions at an early stage. Timely addressing the service center nearby will save your vehicle from more severe damages and save time and money for restoring critical units and mechanisms. When working, we use modern diagnostic equipment, which provides quality testing to detect any hidden defects in the car.

We recommend diagnosing your automobile during each technical maintenance and repair work. The need for regular diagnostic activities is connected with the car's hidden defects, which can only be detected during a visit to the garage. A complete vehicle check should be carried out at least once a year, ideally before the summer and winter seasons.

Jaguar Gearbox Service

For nearly a century, this brand has produced luxury cars that impress with their performance and exclusive design, but transmission problems still haunt the brand's models. Most issues with transmissions, such as delayed shifts, hard shifts, or when gears don't engage, are caused by low transmission fluid levels, which should be carefully monitored and maintained to avoid serious breakdowns.

Our professionals have all the tools and equipment for Jaguar gearbox service as well as many years of experience. We are always attentive to your needs!

Jaguar Air Conditioning Repair

Our auto center makes diagnostics, filling, and Jaguar air conditioning repair by following the next stages:

  • AC diagnostics;
  • charging of aircon with freon 134/12;
  • tube, condenser, evaporator repair;
  • manufacturing and repair of high-pressure hoses;
  • compressor overhaul and repair;
  • air conditioner electrical repair;
  • anti-bacterial treatment of evaporator, etc.

It is necessary to:

  • Constantly monitor the condition of the condenser radiator and periodically clean dirt from the space between the fins. It is possible to clean it with a hose, but not with strong water pressure;
  • It is advisable to periodically clean the space between the condenser radiator and the engine cooling radiator to remove dirt that has accumulated between the fins and settled on other parts of the system;
  • Replace the air conditioner filter element in the spring;
  • Periodically check the compressor for noises, sounds, and vibrations.

Jaguar Water Pump Replacement

If the user neglects the condition of this part, and excessively loads the car, its operating time can be significantly reduced.

Our specialists can distinguish several signs, allowing every motorist to determine the presence of malfunctions independently:

  • Antifreeze leakage;
  • Constant temperature changes of antifreeze;
  • Increased noise from the pump during operation;
  • Overheating of the engine;
  • Error message on the cabin display.

If you see the first signs of breakage of the water pump, sign up for diagnosis in our service center in Dubai, Al Quoz. Top-class mechanics will qualitatively check your vehicle and offer the best Jaguar water pump replacement.

Jaguar Brake Replacement

These automobiles are designed for experienced owners of the vehicle. They are powerful and high-speed, so their braking system should be highly reliable.

Brake pads should be replaced as often as the vehicle is used. Usually, the inspection of the brake pads is included in the routine maintenance, but this operation can also be done separately.

A technician can tell what pads should be replaced during a vehicle inspection. At our tech center, you'll get a complete diagnosis of your car, a correct Jaguar brake replacement, and a detailed price list. We work only with the brand Jaguar, so the masters know all the subtleties of these luxurious foreign cars.

Jaguar Suspension Replacement

Jaguar suspension replacement is carried out by dedicated craftsmen with years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the construction of the premium car. All the work is performed in accordance with the manufacturer's regulatory requirements after preliminary diagnostics. Repairs are performed with the use of original spare parts and certified consumables.

To perform Jaguar suspension replacement with minimum expenses, it is necessary to apply to professionals at the first sign of problems in the running gear. Ignoring the breakdowns and operating the automobile until it is completely out of order may cause an emergency situation and subsequent costly restoration.

Jaguar Brake Fluid Change

Changing the brake fluid in the system is one of the most difficult operations that is difficult to carry out in "domestic" conditions. Specialists of our center will quickly and qualitatively perform the Jaguar brake fluid change. According to the standard, it's necessary to change the brake fluid and "pump the brakes" every 2-3 years of car operation.

Jaguar Body Shop

The mechanics, almost every day, have to solve complicated tasks of restoring vehicles after severe accidents. Before starting Jaguar body shop repair, specialists conduct a visual inspection and assess the general damage, after which they perform comprehensive diagnostics, which shows the presence of hidden damage, frame warping, and other defects. At this stage, a decision is made on the possible methods of Jaguar body shop restoration, and the cost of work is calculated.

Jaguar Alternator Replacement

Professional mechanics will quickly and accurately provide diagnostics and repair your car's alternator. The following signs will tell you that it is time for Jaguar alternator replacement:

  • Problems when starting the motor;
  • Headlights and/or interior lights become dim
  • Vibration and noise are observed when the engine is running. It is essential to determine the malfunction and tighten the belt. Otherwise, the alternator will not turn around at the proper speed and charge the battery;
  • The sensors indicate a malfunction. The TC warns that the battery does not have enough charge and the automobile will soon stop. It is necessary to disconnect all electrical appliances and drive to the service center in Dubai, Al Quoz;
  • Smoke and an unpleasant odor indicate that the drive belt is deteriorating. A broken belt can cause the alternator to shut down and the motor to break.

Jaguar BCM Repair

The restyled Jaguar is the quality benchmark in the automotive industry. Nevertheless, some owners of even a new vehicle face a problem when Jaguar BCM repair is necessary. To identify the BCM unit (in simple words - body electrical unit) malfunction, a complete diagnosis of the carrier of information about the car's condition is necessary. Qualification of our specialists and many years of experience allows us to quickly disassemble the interface of the BCM block and identify the problem. Then, a specialist concludes the fault: why the automobile does not see the key, wipers, windows, and other electronic modules do not work.

Only qualified specialists are able to repair the module on your vehicle.

Jaguar Timing Chain Replacement

An important part of a car's internal combustion engine is the timing chain, which main function is to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft in both the upper and lower parts of the engine. Signs indicating a faulty timing chain:

  • Creaking at the front of the engine;
  • Lack of chain tension is associated with a broken tensioner;

The staff of our workshop will professionally and in a short time perform Jaguar timing chain replacement and any works on elimination of defects of the timing mechanism.

Jaguar Collision Repair

Even a tiny scratch on the body significantly spoils the appearance, not to mention dents on individual parts and damaged bumpers. The damage is also dangerous with the subsequent formation of corrosion if the integrity of the paintwork is compromised.

You need timely local Jaguar body repair to restore the aesthetics with minimal financial losses. For complete restoration, it may be enough to polish the damaged area, or it may be necessary even to remove the body part with the subsequent straightening and painting. In our company, you can order a full range of services: Jaguar collision repair, paint selection, car painting, and full polishing. We promptly and qualitatively remove damages of different complexity on any part of the car. The warranty of 6 months confirms the quality of the work.

Jaguar Head Gasket Replacement

The cylinder-head gasket ensures a tight fit between the cylinder head and cylinder block and helps maintain proper oil pressure to keep oil from leaking out. It is an important part that should be replaced regularly. Jaguar head gasket replacement should be performed only at specialized workshops. Only after diagnostics by a motorist, this work should be done.

You can find out that this important part is severely worn by the following signs:

  • engine oil or coolant appears in the joint between the block and the heads;
  • foreign light impurities can be seen in the engine oil, which are due to coolant ingress;
  • there is a change in the emission pattern when the engine is warmed up;
  • oil stains appear on the coolant reservoir.

Fast and quality Jaguar head gasket replacement will be carried out in our Jaguar repair service center! The price of the work depends on the type of engine and gasket.

Jaguar Radiator Replacement

The cooling system radiator should be replaced immediately if there are signs of coolant leakage or noticeable deformation. In case you unexpectedly see a defective radiator on your own Jaguar, the experts will be happy to advise you on possible solutions to the problem. The specialists will provide reliable Jaguar radiator replacement and guarantee that the cooling system circuit is sealed.

Jaguar Scratch Repair

Solve the problem of chips or scratches at our workshop quickly and easily. The work includes several steps:

  • The damaged surface is thoroughly cleaned of old paint;
  • Detected chips and scratches are carefully puttied to hide irregularitiesм
  • The surface is carefully processed, achieving a perfectly smooth surface;
  • Priming, which gives the effect of protection against corrosion;
  • Thorough, sometimes in several layers, application of the basic color on the putty. If the paint is localized, it includes careful blurring of the border of the factory paint so that there is no stains after the Jaguar scratch repair;
  • It is one of the most critical steps in repairing chips and scratches. Whatever the varnish, there should be no streaks or smudges left;
  • Polishing. Removing the thinnest layer of paint leads to a perfectly smooth repair surface.

Jaguar Models We Service

  • Jaguar XF
  • Jaguar F Pace
  • Jaguar XE
  • Jaguar XJS
  • Jaguar S Type
  • Jaguar F Type
  • Jaguar F Type Coupe
  • Jaguar F Type SVR Convertible
  • Jaguar F Type SVR Coupe
  • Jaguar X Type
  • Jaguar XFRS
  • Jaguar XJ
  • Jaguar XK
  • Jaguar XK Convertible