Owning a top-of-the-line automobile is one thing, and maintaining it is another. You should understand that proper maintenance must be your top priority when you own an exotic car. You can trust the Easy Care team whenever you need an Infiniti car service in UAE. We are a team of professional auto professionals who pay attention to your vehicle’s detailing. So, in our garage, one thing is sure, we handle all kinds of issues that may occur on your auto.

High-experienced experts fix your automobile flawlessly, so no one tells you took it to an Infiniti repair shop. Whether it is bodywork, electrical, or mechanical work, every Infiniti specialist at Easy Care service can handle the task. And because we specialize in all models of that car brand, you can ease your mind that you will get what you paid for and nothing less.

So, don’t gamble when you need anything done on your Infiniti. Just bring it down to the garage in Dubai and let professionals handle it to have the best experience on the road.

Infiniti Service Center You Can Rely On

Infiniti is a brand that focuses on the sumptuous value of its lineup, whether it is the Crossover SUV, the FX, or even the midsize EX. Irrespective of the Infiniti lineup you own, you must have an Infiniti repair shop you will trust. You can trust us at Easy Care auto, as we have the skill set and years of experience repairing luxurious vehicles.

As a one-stop shop, a local specialist knows the ins and outs of any Infiniti lineup. You should call us if it concerns your vehicle's interior, exterior, or engine. And when it is necessary to replace any part on your auto, we have all the essential parts supplied by our trusted partners and original manufacturer.

Don't hesitate to call us today if you need any Infiniti repair or maintenance; we will have a respondent with you in no time.

Car Services You Can Get at Our Shop in Dubai

What do you do when you hear, feel, or see something strange coming from your automobile? Do you ride it out, or do you have it checked? Ideally, it would be best to check it, especially when it is a luxurious automobile. After spending what you spent to purchase an Infiniti to stand out, you shouldn't be slack about anything that needs fixing.

The longer you ignore a fault, the more damaged it gets, and it even causes other components to become faulty. So, if you want to save cost by not going for an inspection to know what is wrong with your iron horse, you may spend way more than you anticipated at the end of the day.

We advise you to regularly get a professional check-up on your automobile to ensure all systems are in road-worthy conditions, irrespective of whether you notice a fault. Look no further than Easy Care auto garage if you need a car service. We offer an extensive range of Infiniti-related services, which include:

Infiniti maintenance

Proper maintenance is critical if you own a top-class automobile brand like Infiniti. We leave no stone unturned while performing routine maintenance, as your comfort is our priority.

When you bring your vehicle to our garage, we pay attention to every tiny detail while inspecting it. Our expert team inspects everything from the brakes to the engine components and interior, amongst others. We do all these to prevent your car from breaking down when you least expect it.

Depending on the model you drive, there may be specific recommendations our experts will leave for you. But one thing is sure, and it is that we take good care of your automobile.

Infiniti oil change

When the oil in your vehicle is bad and needs to be changed, you may bring it down to the Easy Care garage, and we will have it changed in no time! But how do you know when it's due for an oil change?

Ideally, top-notch experts will set you up with a mile coverage that best suits your car model. Still, you should generally change the oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations. We recommend not waiting until you notice signs of bad oil before changing it. Changing the oil helps ensure your engine is in good working conditions and prevents air pollution.

Infiniti transmission fluid change

Your Infiniti automotive uses several types of oil; amongst them is the transmission fluid. Changing transmission fluids of exotic cars is another of our services so you can bring your automobile to the local garage.

We take note of your car brand and model to determine the type of transmission fluid that will best suit the engine. We understand how they work and their requirements with years of experience dealing with different engine types.

So, irrespective of the model of Infiniti you drive, our experienced experts can ascertain what is best for your car.

Infiniti diagnostic

Unlike other repair shops, we don't second guess or gamble with diagnosing the cause of a fault on your favorite vehicle. We have several sophisticated tools to inspect it to ascertain the cause of an issue. And when we do, we go to the root cause of the problem and fix it, rather than fixing the symptoms, which most Dubai repair shops do. So, you might be confident when we say your car is in good condition. And by diagnosing the issue, we also save you cost since you would only have to pay for the repair ones and not come back with a complaint of the issue persisting.

Infiniti key replacement

The process of getting a key replacement can be long and tiring. But when you call our local repair center, we simplify the process of getting a key replacement. Whether you are stuck away from home or your car is parked at home, a local locksmith at Easy Care will get to your location and get you in your vehicle in no time with no hassle. Or whether it is the car key fob you need to be changed, we can handle that as well. So, whatever pertains to changing your car keys, look no further than our service.

Infiniti battery replacement

While the price of batteries may not be the most expensive part of an Infiniti, often replacing them can be annoying. If you are tired of buying batteries that don't last, then you bring your vehicle down to our workshop and let our experts have it replaced for you.

Our expert mechanics have in-depth knowledge of the different technologies used in batteries. Whether it is an AGM or EFB battery, we consider the versatility, reliability, performance, and cost to best suit your needs. So, just trust our experts to get the best battery type and brand for your Infiniti.

Infiniti hybrid battery replacement

While an Infiniti hybrid battery lasts, it doesn't last forever. To get the most from your hybrid vehicle, obtain a battery replacement when it is weak and wouldn't hold as much charge as it once did; you should replace it.

We also have vast knowledge when it comes to anything about hybrid cars. So, you can trust our opinion on getting a new battery for your hybrid car as we source top-quality to ensure you get more charge cycles out of it.

Infiniti alternator replacement

Typically, the alternator of your Infiniti should last you up to 5 years or more. However, it is not immune to get damaged earlier. If your alternator is faulty, it will not recharge your car's battery correctly. And if the alternator is not properly recharging your vehicle's battery, it will get low and cause your car to go OFF. Therefore starting it up again will be a challenge.

Call us if the alternator gives up on you in the middle of the road or at home. Our local electrician and mechanic will be at your location in no time.

Infiniti starter replacement

Suppose the internal winding of the starter motor on your vehicle is faulty for any reason. In that case, you will find it difficult to turn it ON. Other things like a defective electrical component or bad brushes can cause the starter motor not to generate enough torque to crank your vehicle engine.

If you are in a situation where you can't start your vehicle, you should reach out to Easy Care auto. Our expert technicians understand the working principles of the starter motor of different Infiniti models. So, wherever you are, we can help fix your vehicle's starter motor in no time.

Infiniti transmission repair

If your Infiniti differential or transmission is faulty, we understand it can be worrisome. But we can assure you that whether it is a straightforward or mechanical fix, our Al Quoz mechanics are up to the task.

Transmission designs have evolved considerably, making them more complex than they used to be, particularly with automatic cars that do not have a clutch pedal in other to boost performance. While this is a good thing, it makes repair complicated. However, we use some complex computerized systems to ensure repairs are done smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

Infiniti windshield replacement

If your Infiniti vehicle's windshield is cracked or broken, or you want to change the colour, you can get it replaced on a budget at our work centre. Whether you need to replace the front or rear windshield, we have you covered!

When replacing your automobile's windshield, we do so with precision so as not to reduce the aesthetics of the interior or exterior of your vehicle. We consider the durability, privacy factors, and price when replacing the windshield to suit your needs.

Infiniti bumper repair

The bumper of your vehicle contributes considerably to your vehicle's aesthetics and cushions the force from an impact/collision. If you have been in a crash and your bumper is bashed, it can significantly reduce the aesthetics of your vehicle.

If you are in a crash or your bumper is getting old, don't hesitate to bring it to our garage for a bodywork job. We perform several bodywork services, including moulding, filling, reshaping, and painting. So, if you need to repair your Infiniti's front or rear bumper, feel free to contact us.

Infiniti headlight replacement

Is your Infiniti headlight too low for your liking, or does the headlight flicker? Some models come with plastic headlights, while some come with glass headlights. Whatever headlight issue you might be facing, ensure you bring your vehicle to our shop to have it fixed.

If you prefer the more exotic glass headlight, we can get it replaced for you to suit your taste. Or, if you need to restore your headlight because it is dull or hazy, we can also get it fixed for you. All you have to do is reach out to us today to make an appointment.

Infiniti drive belt replacement

The drive belt on your Infiniti is a vital component that plays a significant role. It is fractionated, locked, and transmits power from one drive to another. If the belt gets slack or cuts, your vehicle will turn OFF.

Replacing the drive belt may be a lot of work, but our experts can replace it for you fast. When replacing the belt, we do so with one made with a high-quality rubber that will give you value for your money.

Infiniti timing chain replacement

The timing chain on your Infiniti is vital in keeping your engine running optimally. If faulty, keeping the vehicle ON will be challenging, and its sound will also change. So, whether you have a timing chain or a timing belt, don't forget to reach out to us when you are experiencing any issues with it. We will send an expert mechanic to help you replace your timing chain anywhere in the Al Quoz region.

Infiniti brake service

The braking system of Infiniti automobiles is known to be impeccably efficient. But over time, all braking systems tend to diminish, including the Infiniti brake, so it needs to be monitored regularly.

The brake system of the modern automobile, like the Infiniti brand, comprises many parts. So, you can visit Easy Care auto for whatever brake service you need, be it Infiniti brake pad replacement, wheel alignment, master cylinder replacement, suspension lifting, brake calliper tune-up, brake drum replacement, and so on.

Infiniti ECM repair

The ECM of your Infiniti automobile is its brainbox, and it ensures your car works at optimal performance. It monitors the engine's seconds that manage its air, fuel, and spark, amongst other things. So, if the ECM has a fault, you must have it fixed.

Our service centre's expert electrician and mechanics have lots of experience and proper knowledge about the engine control unit.

Infiniti engine repair

Any automobile's engine is a vital part that requires regular maintenance and immediate repair when faulty. But repairing or replacing an automotive engine is a complex process that requires a professional. However, ECare experts have the necessary skills and equipment to perform engine repairs and maintenance on your Infiniti. So, whenever you need the engine on your Infiniti head gasket replacement, catalytic converter, piston head, gearbox, camshaft, valves, replacing a broken cooling fan, and so on, bring it to our workshop.

With several years up our sleeves repairing and replacing automotive engines, you rest assured of getting the best service.

Infiniti pump replacement

Automobiles, including the Infiniti, rely on pumps to function effectively. This pump could include the fuel pump, water pump, hydraulic pump, etc. If these pumps become faulty, certain liquids in the car wouldn't get to where they ought to, resulting in many issues, particularly performance-wise. So, Easycare auto mechanics are up to the task, whether you need an Infiniti fuel pump replacement or any other part replacement.

Infiniti AC repair

There are many ways the AC of your automobile can wear down or break down. The refrigerant could leak, tear the filter, damage the compressor, and so on. If the AC on your Infiniti is not cooling as you would love, then visit Easycare auto workshop in Al Quoz for an AC service and repair. When you bring your vehicle to our workshop, you can ease your mind that your car is in the good hands of our expert technicians.

We are familiar with the specifications of different models of Infiniti, so we know how to keep your vehicle in the best working conditions.

Tune Up for Infiniti

How would you like to tune up your Infiniti? Do you want more power, fuel efficiency, or speed on your automobile? If you do, look no further than the Easycare auto specialist team. Our tune-up service is not limited to the vehicle's ignition system; we also tune up the interior and exterior to give your vehicle that personalized touch you want.

So, if you wish to change the upholstery, modify the dashboard, lift your car to use bigger tires, and so much more, you can trust our team to give you the best. So, give us a call or visit our Al Quoz garage today to find out more.

Infiniti Models We Service

  • Infiniti EX
  • Infiniti FX
  • Infiniti G
  • Infiniti G35
  • Infiniti G35 Coupe
  • Infiniti G37 Convertible
  • Infiniti G37 Coupe
  • Infiniti JX
  • Infiniti M
  • Infiniti Q30
  • Infiniti Q45
  • Infiniti Q50
  • Infiniti Q60 Convertible
  • Infiniti Q60 Coupe
  • Infiniti Q70
  • Infiniti QX50
  • Infiniti QX56
  • Infiniti QX60
  • Infiniti QX70
  • Infiniti QX80