The roots of the GMC brand can be traced to over a century ago. This American automobile manufacturer specializes in designing SUVs and trucks. GMC cars’ energetic design and ample 4WD engine power output say it all. So, if you are looking for a luxurious SUV that can withstand any terrain, the GMC is the perfect vehicle.

GMCs are higher-tier and more luxurious than most SUVs in the industry. This makes this brand a perfect choice for anyone looking for a truck or SUV they can own long-term. However, like other car brands, owning a GMC for the long term is only possible with proper care and maintenance.

At Easy Care Auto, we can handle all your GMC maintenance and repair needs. It doesn’t matter what GMC model you own! You can be assured of getting top-notch service at our garage. We have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of repairs of luxurious automobiles. Whether the issue on your car is electrical, transmission, cooling, or braking system-related, you can trust us to fix the problem swiftly and cost-effectively. So, call us today, or stop by our local repair center in Al Quoz, Dubai, for more info on our GMC services.

Local Certified GMC Service Center

Finding a GMC auto repair center you can trust to fix any issue on your vehicle can be challenging. Not every mechanic shop that claims to be a specialized GMC mechanic center is certified, skilled, or experienced. However, at Easy Care Auto, our team is made of highly trained and experienced specialists who can keep your engine running smoothly.

As a specialized GMC repair garage, our team continually receives training on various services. Whenever you need any maintenance or repair done on your car, it helps you to do research before leaving your vehicle. Additionally, our technicians are updated regarding the latest equipment and best practices used in fixing GMC automotive. When you come to our garage with any issue on your GMC, we use sophisticated equipment to diagnose and get to the root cause of any problem with your vehicle. And if we need to replace any part, we do so with genuine OEM standard parts to not compromise on dependability.

So, whatever you need, let us keep your vehicle running reliably by getting your regular maintenance and repairs at Easy Care Auto garage.

One-Stop GMC Repair Shop

This workshop specializes in all services, from regular maintenance to repair, replacement, tune-up, bodywork, and so on. So, when you have a concern about your vehicle, feel free to share them with our professional specialist.

Some of the GMC services we offer include but are not limited to:

GMC diagnostics

Diagnosing your vehicle when you are beginning to notice an issue with it is perhaps the essential first step to take to fix it. Even if the problem has progressed to a level where your GMC no longer turns ON, diagnosing it before anything else is critical.

At Easy Care Auto, we have one of the most diagnostic tools in the industry. Top-notch diagnostic service covers all models of GMC, and we will be able to pinpoint the root of the issue after the test.

Even if there is nothing wrong with your car, our diagnostic service still comes in handy when you want to be sure that all systems are healthy enough for that road trip. Here we perform a full diagnostic check on all vehicles before proceeding with any repair.

GMC maintenance

While the GMC automotive is durable and reliable, it will only remain reliable if you maintain it. After every 7000 miles or less, you should bring your car for a maintenance service.

Many factors influence when you would need a GMC maintenance service, like the terrain you drive or even your driving style. Though a maintenance service may seem like an extra cost, it is worth every penny in the long run as it saves you a lot on repairs and replacement.

GMC oil change

An oil change is one of the most basic services every automotive needs. The GMC is a heavy-duty utility vehicle, meaning the torque of its engine and other moving parts needs to be well lubricated to reduce friction and heat buildup. However, it is worth noting that the type of oil differs from one engine to the other. Therefore, most models of GMC use thicker oils than other automobiles; nevertheless, it needs to be replaced when due.

Due to impurities, deterioration due to high heat, and evaporation, you must prioritize replacing the oil on your automobile occasionally. Don’t forget to bring your car to Easy Care Auto garage in Al Quoz whenever you need to change your engine oil.

GMC transmission fluid change

The transmission on your GMC is a component that consists of many moving parts. This includes the head gasket, gear head on the timing chain or timing belt, block, etc. If it is not well lubricated, it will cause heat buildup, which causes damage to these moving parts like the differential, head gasket, and so on. For these reasons, the transmission fluid needs to be changed, as do other oils on your GMC.

According to the manufacturer, the transmission oil must be changed at least once between 30000 and 60000 miles. How often you should change the transmission fluid depends on the model of your GMC you own and how well you handle it. Do well to visit our workshop to speak with a specialist who will give you a more exact figure.

GMC oil pump replacement

There are several oils on your GMC, as you may already know. But for the oil to effectively circulate in your automotive, it needs a functioning oil pump. This part helps to create adequate oil pressure within the tubes on your vehicle. It doesn’t matter how far away the oil is needed; this vital component would get it to the right location for proper lubrication.

If the oil pump on your GMC is faulty, it most likely leads to several issues in your transmission, engine, brake, etc. You can come to our local garage for an oil pump replacement service for any model of GMC. All you need to do is book an appointment, and we will take care of the rest.

GMC water pump replacement

Like the oil pump in your GMC, there is also a water pump. The water pump’s function is to keep water circulating in the engine and other parts of the vehicle that need water. If damaged or faulty, you should replace it before it causes damage to other components on your GMC. Because of the location of the water pump on most models, it may be a labor-intensive task. If you don’t know your way around your automobile, you should visit a garage to get a mechanic to replace it.

Replacing the water pump on your GMC is not very expensive compared to the price of repairs you may face if you don’t replace it on time.

GMC spark plug replacement

If the spark plug in your car loses its effectiveness, there wouldn’t be enough spark in the engine as needed. It will cause your engine to stall and decrease fuel economy. In such a situation, you would need a spark plug replacement.

Fortunately, the price of that part is pretty low, so there isn’t any reason you should keep driving your GMC with a dead spark plug. When you go down to the ECare Auto workshop, mechanics can perform the replacement in no time. Just reach out to us, and we will send a mobile mechanic your way to get the spark plug replaced.

GMC fuel filter replacement

Even though the fuel may seem clean at first glance, they are not always immaculate. Impurities from the gas station tank, debris in the air, and so on sometimes get in the car while fueling it. Hence, a fuel filter is needed to screen out any dirt before getting into the engine.

If your fuel filter does not work effectively anymore, perhaps due to age, you should get a replacement at our garage. Because we deal in all kinds of GMC crossovers, trucks, and vans (Sierra, Terrain, Acadia, Yukon, Savana, etc.), we have the most parts here, even the oddest features you may think you would never find. If we don’t have a particular detail, we will order it from the General Motors manufacturer to give your GMC top-notch maintenance.

GMC fuel pump replacement

The fuel pump is a vital component that helps transport fuel from the tank to the engine. This component is mostly electrically powered, meaning if there is anything wrong with the electrical system of your GMC, it will cause the vehicle to power down because the fuel pump will stop working. And when the fuel pump goes wrong, it means fuel wouldn’t get to the engine, and the vehicle can’t function.

So, despite how basic the fuel pump may seem on your GMC, it is a critical part that needs to be repaired or replaced when a fault symptom is noticed.

GMC starter replacement

Whether your GMC comes with a standard key start or button start, it needs a starter motor to crank the engine. The starter motor is an integral part of your engine, and getting it replaced requires a professional. If the starter motor on your GMC is faulty, you will find it challenging to turn ON your vehicle the traditional way. So, except if you are comfortable pushing your car to power it, you should get a starter replacement.

Specialists at Easy Care Auto are vast with all kinds of repair and replacement services. So, when you bring your automobile to the garage for a starter replacement, we always perform a full inspection to determine if we can salvage the starter motor. If not, we will go ahead with the replacement service and get it done at the most convenient time.

GMC alternator replacement

The alternator ensures enough charge to power the engine and other electronics in your car, such as the front, rear headlight, and brake light. If you are finding it challenging to crank your engine, it could be that the alternator is faulty. Although these symptoms could also mean that you have a faulty battery, the best way to confirm the faulty component is to bring it to our local garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. If we ensure that the fault is from the alternator, we will proceed to change it at an unbeatable price. However, suppose the diagnostic test reveals the defect from another component. In that case, we will repair it before replacing the alternator so the problem does not repeat itself.

GMC battery replacement

Every car battery has a lifespan. And when the lifespan of your GMC battery is almost up, it would no longer be able to hold on to charge for long, among other symptoms. When you start noticing these symptoms, you should get a battery replacement on time so as not to be disappointed by the battery in the middle of the road.

You can get all kinds of battery replacement services at our garage. Our specialists are experienced with the various techniques of GMC batteries. So, when you come to us for a battery replacement service, we know the perfect battery that will suit your needs and budget.

GMC ECM replacement

The ECM on your GMC is like the main point of communication between you and your vehicle. It is more like the core of your car, allowing you to manage several things in your iron horse. With the help of sensors, the ECM can accurately read different aspects of your vehicle’s vitals. Hence, it is with the use of the ECM that you can detect when there is trouble in your car. For example, when the flat tire indicator blinks on your dashboard, the ECM detects the tire pressure drops below average.

The ECM is a vital component of your vehicle, but it can get damaged and is very difficult to fix. However, we can help you ease the burden if you bring the car to us at Easy Care Auto in Dubai. We can perform a core replacement that is as good as new or better.

GMC transmission service

There are several symptoms to ascertain that you are having a transmission problem. But whatever the case, ensure you bring your GMC to our garage. If you cannot move it to a garage, don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we will send a representative to inspect the condition of your vehicle. Suppose the transmission problem is something we can fix on-site, like a transmission belt or transmission chain replacement. In that case, our mobile technician will fix the issue. However, if more severe, we will tow your car to our local garage in Al Quoz to give your transmission a total overhaul. You can be sure that your vehicle will be in the best possible condition when we are done with any repairs.

GMC brake service

The braking system on your GMC is another crucial component you must pay close attention to in your vehicle. Even if you are a careful driver, this doesn't mean other drivers on the road are careful. Hence, having a robust braking system on a powerful car model of General Motors is crucial to protecting your vehicle from a severe crash.

If the braking system on your GMC is failing or not functioning properly, you should take out the time to visit our workshop to have it inspected. We specialize in all kinds of braking systems, so you can rely on us to improve your braking system when experiencing any issues.

GMC suspension repair

A great suspension on your vehicle, especially on an SUV like the GMC, is a must. Because this vehicle is built to navigate rugged terrain, its suspension is top-notch.

The suspension that comes with GMC is one of its major selling points, as this SUV can maintain maximum comfort in the interior even while driving on rough terrain. If you are experiencing a decline in the effectiveness of the suspension, you should visit our garage to get it inspected and then repaired. Mechanics from Easy Care Auto do not only offer a suspension repair service; we can also replace it and even upgrade it to any suspension you'd love to have on your GMC.

GMC engine repair

Dealing with an engine problem can be a nightmare sometimes. However, take your maintenance steps seriously from the onset. In that case, you will never experience any significant engine fault like a gearbox, catalytic converter problem, etc.

Nevertheless, at Easy Care Auto, we covered you even with engine problems. This is because, during every routine maintenance, we check the health of every part of your car. When we perform an engine repair, we get down to the root cause of the problem to prevent future occurrences. So, if there is a fault building up in your engine, it will be detected early and could be repaired. Only in the worst-case scenario, our specialists will tell you about a possible engine replacement in the nearest future.

GMC AC repair

The temperature in Dubai can be extreme sometimes, and driving during such days without an AC in your GMC can be very discomforting. Hence, if there is anything wrong with your car's AC, you should get it checked out at our garage. We have specialists at our workshop, including someone specializing in all things air conditioning recharge on luxurious SUVs.

It doesn't matter what is damaged in the AC compartment on your GMC, be it the refrigerant leak, faulty AC fan, heater, and so on; our experts will trace the fault and fix it in no time.

GMC key replacement

Misplacing or getting locked out of your vehicle is a common issue that can happen to anybody. If you are in this case, you can still reach out to us for help. We are experts in key replacements for vehicles, including the GMC.

With our GMC duplicate key service, you can get access back into your car and on your way in no time. And it doesn't matter where you are in the UAE; we can always send an expert to you to help you out. We have several mobile locksmith mechanics who can meet you at your location. All you have to do is give us a call to book an appointment.

GMC bumper repair

If you were in a crash, your bumper would likely be crushed. Whether your GMC front or rear bumper is crushed, you can come to us to get it repaired or replaced. Whether you are using a plastic or metal bumper, we can help you fix it all at our garage.

The bumper, in a way, protects the headlight or brake light and other parts of your vehicle. So, if crushed, it helps to replace it to keep protecting the excellent exterior goodness of your GMC. Moreover, driving around Al Quoz with a bashed bumper makes your SUV look out of fashion.

GMC windshield replacement

Do you need a windshield replacement service in Al Quoz? If you do, Easy Care Auto is a one-stop shop to get anything windshield related. We have you covered even if you want to replace your existing windshield with something else, like a bulletproof one. We can replace the front and back windshield of your GMC and all the accessories on it. We can also tint your windshield and windows to different tint levels, depending on what is legal and your preference. So, whatever you need, get in touch today to find out more about your model of GMC.

GMC detailing

Would you like us to work on the detailing on your GMC? If yes, the task is simple. All you have to do is give us an idea of what you want your vehicle to look like, and we will handle the rest from there.

We perform all kinds of detailing services, from tire upgrades to repainting, fitting new light bulbs on your vehicle, and other things. We are the real deal in giving your car a shiny and luxurious appearance.

GMC Models We Service

  • GMC Acadia
  • GMC Envoy
  • GMC Sierra 1500
  • GMC Terrain
  • GMC Yukon
  • GMC Truck
  • GMC Denali
  • GMC Canyon