Ford is an American automaker that has been in the industry for over a century now. According to statistics, this brand is recognized as the fifth largest automaker in the world regarding vehicle sales. It was so successful in the automobile industry that, at one point, it owned other luxury brands like Aston Martin, Land Rover, Mercury, Volvo, and even Jaguar.

Ford is popular because it is robust and offers drivers eye-popping styles that are relatively affordable. By the way, its parts are not difficult to find on the market. But to ensure your experience with it is excellent, you must maintain it properly by getting it to a Ford service center for a checkup when necessary.

When you need to service or repair a car, you should get it done at Easy Care Auto. Here, technicians are trained with industrial-standard to give you peace of mind whenever you bring your vehicle to us for servicing and maintenance, making us the best Ford auto repair garage in Dubai. We use the best equipment in the industry, which enables us to provide you with a flawless service like no other in the whole UAE.

You can come to our garage for any engine, electrical, body, or interior fix. What’s even more interesting is that the price of our services is very competitive and affordable. So, call us today to schedule an appointment or get a quote for service.

Authorized Ford Service Center

Are you looking for a reliable specialist Ford vehicle in Al Quoz, Dubai? Search no further, as Easy Care Auto is an authorized Ford car service center that deals with all brand models. With the best specialist in mechanics, electricians, technicians, panel beaters, and other car repair maintenance in the industry on our team, you can be sure we’d always get your Ford to the best working condition.

Our team has vast knowledge about the various parts irrespective of the model of the Ford you drive; when you don’t seem to understand what is wrong with it, we can help you fix it. At the end of the day, when you leave our garage, you can be assured that your vehicle is in a safe condition for the terrain you drive the most. We will pass your automobile through a series of rigid diagnostics and inspections to achieve this.

As we fix your Ford, we always give you honest feedback on what is wrong with it and how we aim to fix it. And if we need to replace parts, we use only genuine OEM or Ford-approved components. Because of the rigorous checklist we take while repairing your vehicle, there is no chance we miss anything. We have years of experience fixing luxurious automobiles, so when you entrust your vehicle repair job to us, you can rest assured of getting the best service you can’t get anywhere else.

Experienced and Highly Skilled Ford Repair Shop

Getting whatever issue you’re experiencing on your vehicle fixed at Easy Care Auto has many benefits. One thing here is that when you come to get something fixed, all hands are on deck, which maximizes efficiency and gets it fixed timely. Moreover, we’ve implemented many features in our garage to make it convenient for you to book an appointment for any service.

So, whether you need to diagnose your Ford, perform routine maintenance, or need some major repair, you can trust our professional mechanics to deliver top-notch service.

Ford diagnostic

Diagnosing your iron horse is extremely important when you want a proper repair. When the check engine light on your vehicle is ON, it can mean many things. In such cases, or when your Ford misbehaves, you need a diagnostic service to ascertain the cause. At Easy Care Auto, we offer a full diagnostic service for any vehicle, revealing whatever might be wrong with it.

Coming to the garage in Al Quoz for a diagnostic service helps you identify the issue with your automobile, helps catch problems early on, and reduces the cost of repairs. So, don’t wait until the check engine light on your vehicle comes up before you get a diagnostic check. To be on the safer side, it is advisable to get a diagnostic assessment whenever you notice even the most minor things on your vehicle.

Ford maintenance

You can schedule an appointment with us at Easycare Auto for your car repair and maintenance needs. We have mobile mechanics that can come to your home or office to get that maintenance service done in no time. So, there is no reason for you not to maintain your vehicle when necessary.

We offer a corrective and preventive maintenance service depending on what you need. Our preventive maintenance is encouraged as this prevents an issue before it occurs. But if the problem does occur, such as a faulty water pump, wheel bearing change, or automatic or manual clutch repair, our corrective maintenance service gets the issue fixed on your Ford.

Ford oil change

With time, the oil in your Ford will get dirty. According to Ford Motors, you should change your oil every 5000 miles or within six months. The car engine has many moving parts that could muck up the oil. Moreover, the movement in the engine generates heat which degrades the oil.

When the oil in your car is degraded, coupled with other impurities in the oil, it will not lubricate the engine as it should. At our garage, we offer an intensive oil change service where our specialists drain out the old oil and ensure every impurity is removed before replacing it with new oil. And if the oil filter is too dirty or ineffective, we replace that as well to improve the condition of your automotive engine.

Ford transmission fluid

The transmission fluid is another vital part of your Ford that is needed for optimal performance. The transmission fluid lubricates the inner components, which prevents the transmission system from wearing. But like every oil in your vehicle, the transmission fluid degrades, and impurities often find their way into the liquid.

While the transmission fluid on Ford doesn’t need to be changed as often as other oil, you should still pay attention to it. Many signs indicate you need a transmission fluid change, such as when the fluid color is anything other than bright red, gear slips, shifting gear is difficult, or it produces a grinding or squealing noise. As a preventive measure, you should come to our garage to get a transmission fluid change for your Ford every 30,000 miles or, at the very least, within a year.

Ford spark plug replacement

Spark plugs are another vital automotive component that helps your engine start and run. Despite how essential spark plugs are, it is often overlooked in routine car maintenance. A typical Ford engine has up to four spark plugs; some engines have more, which could interrupt its normal function due to electrode wear, carbon build-up, leaking oil, etc. Some spark plugs can last around 20,000 miles before requiring a replacement, while some could last up to 100,000 miles.

When you get your car serviced at Easy Care Auto, replacing the spark plugs on your automotive is one of the routine maintenance we offer. If your Ford requires a spark plug replacement, we use only the best high-performance ones.

Ford alternator replacement

Without a working alternator on your vehicle, several things, such as the interior light bulb, exterior headlight, brake light, AC, and so on, will not function as they should. Even your car battery would not be recharged, which means it would run down, making it challenging to start your vehicle.

The alternator is the reason your engine can produce electricity. Hence, when it is faulty, you must fix it as soon as possible. You can know when your alternator is about to go wrong if you bring your vehicle for regular diagnostics and maintenance. Once a potential fault is noticed, we will recommend a repair or replacement option based on the nature of the damage.

Ford battery replacement

The battery on your automobile stores electrical power, helping the car power another electrical component in your vehicle, especially when the engine is not running. But your battery has a finite lifespan: every Ford car, ICE, hybrid, and electric uses batteries. And every time you use and recharge your battery, it deteriorates due to heat, vibration, and time. But the rate of deterioration differs based on your vehicle usage pattern. Generally, a high-quality battery should last between three to five years before requiring a replacement.

When you start noticing warning signs that you need a battery replacement, such as dim headlight and interior light bulb, issue starting the engine, and so on, you can come to our local garage. Here, experts are vast with the different types of batteries and can help you get the best quality battery replacement for your vehicle.

Ford timing belt change

The timing belt in your vehicle is subjected to incredible forces inside your motor, which is why it can easily give out. Some Ford models are made with timing chains which are more durable but would also need to be serviced occasionally. Suppose the timing belt in your automobile is not functioning optimally. It could cause several issues, such as difficulty starting your vehicle, rough engine idle, or even loud humming or whining noise.

If you need a cambelt change due to it getting slack or broken, you can contact us at Easy Care Auto, and we’d send our local mobile mechanic your way.

Ford transmission replacement

Suppose you are experiencing trouble with your Ford transmission. In that case, you can bring it to a garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, for a complete diagnosis. Highly experienced technicians would ascertain the part on your transmission causing trouble, be it the absorber, catalytic converter, clutch, differential, fuel pump, and so on. The transmission will be removed and inspected if it can’t be ascertained while a part is on your car. After the inspection, it would be clear if you’d need a Ford transmission repair or a complete replacement.

Whatever the case, our technicians advise you on the best action to favor your budget and needs.

Ford PCM replacement

The powertrain control module is the brainbox that controls everything related to your vehicle’s gearbox. With the help of sensors such as the wheel speed sensor, throttle position sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and so on, located all over your car, the PCM can tell you when the oil is low or when there is an issue with the engine, or the traction is getting faulty.

A typical Ford PCM monitors over 100 functions on your automobile. Hence, when it gets defective, it can be pretty challenging to know when something as basic as fuel level is getting low. Whenever you need a Ford PCM repair or replacement, visit our workshop or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Ford ECU repair

Like the PCM, the ECM or electrical control module is another vital part of your automobile. The primary function of the ECU is to control everything electrical-related on your car. This can include anything, such as the infotainment system to the sunroof, interior lighting, AC, etc.

However, our local garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, offers a Ford ECM repair and replacement service. And after repairing or replacing the ECU on your iron horse, professional technicians will reprogram the unit and test it to ensure everything is as it should be. Meanwhile, the best part is that the cost of getting an ECU repair at our garage is quite affordable. So, when next you start noticing signs of a faulty ECU, give us a call to get it repaired or replaced for you in no time.

Ford TPMS sensor replacement

One particular sensor to note on your Ford is the TPMS sensor. This sensor is an electronic gadget that helps to keep track of the tire’s pressure. However, if you keep getting a warning sign that your tires are out of the air, and you know your tires aren’t the issue, then it is most likely that the TPMS is bad. Sometimes, the TPMS misbehaves due to a dead battery, handling, or even shoddy tire changes.

Meanwhile, to ascertain whether the TPMS needs to be repaired or replaced or if you need to fix something else, it is advisable to come to our garage for an intensive diagnosis. Whether you have a direct TPMS or an indirect TPMS in your Ford, after the inspection, our experts will go ahead to fix the issue after discussing your options with you.

Ford diesel repair

If you need any repairs on your Ford diesel engine, don’t hesitate to bring your car to us at Easy Care Auto. Whether the entablatures or bed plates of the diesel engine are cracked or broken, we can help you repair it to prevent catastrophic failure, which would reduce a full-service. And even if you need a full-service repair on your diesel engine, at Easycare Auto, we also specialize in fixing this in a short time while saving you cost.

The technology on the Ford diesel powertrain delivers more efficiency and towing capacity with less fuel and emissions from the exhaust, which means more attention needs to be paid to it. So, whatever the issue is with your diesel engine, you can rely on us.

Ford brake service

One of the essential safety components in any automobile is the brakes. You need to have the brakes of your Ford frequently checked to ensure optimal functioning. At Easy Care Auto, our brake service involves inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating all the brake components. Here, well-trained mechanics check and measure every brake component and part to ensure everything is as it should be.

The brake is made up of so many parts, so there are so many things that can go wrong. So, whether the caliper needs replacement or the brake pad is worn out, or you need to bleed the brake oil, our ASE-certified technicians will get it fixed in no time.

Ford air filter replacement

While the engine on your vehicle seems sealed, it requires air delivered by a system duct. This duct is protected by an air filter which filters the air for particles that could damage the engine. But with time, the air filter becomes too clogged with dirt that would require a replacement.

According to Ford, you should get an air filter replacement after 12,000 to 15,000 miles (usually, manufacturers recommend changing that filter once per 90 days). When you don’t replace the air filter when due, it can hurt your vehicle’s acceleration by up to 6 to 11%. At Easy Care Auto, we can replace the dirty air filter to boost your car’s performance.

Ford air conditioning service

In the same way, you regularly change the oil on your Ford; the air conditioning system also needs to be maintained to ensure optimal performance. Good air conditioning service involves cleaning the various air channels and inspecting the condition of the fan, compressor, and several components of the AC system.

Sometimes, due to poor driving conditions, the coolant could leak out, causing the AC unit not to function as it should. When you come to the ECare workshop for an AC service, we inspect everything about your AC unit and get your Ford to the optimal temperature you want your vehicle to clock everything.

Ford car key replacement

Losing your car key can be frustrating, especially when you don’t have a replacement. We have the best locksmith in Dubai that can quickly get you a key replacement. So, you can rely on EasyCare Auto to help you get back in your car if you misplace your car key.

Getting a key replacement can be frustrating, but we make the process straightforward. It does not matter what type of car key you have, be it the basic, wafer, switchblade, laser cut, or even smart key; our experts can get a key replacement for you in no time. So, whether you are stuck in the mall, in your office, or at home where you are in Dubai, give us a call, and we will send our mobile locksmith your way.

Ford keyless fob replacement

Some car key service includes a keyless fob replacement service. When you contact us, our locksmith will get in your car and connect to your Ford’s ECU, BCM, and car immobilizer system to reprogram a new fob for you. All of this takes only a few minutes. So, if the keyless fob you use to start your engine is damaged or misplaced, we can get you a replacement in no time.

If you find yourself in a situation yet pressed for time, look no other than Easy Care Auto. Our experts are professionals you can trust with your automobile’s security system without worrying about getting compromised.

Ford key reprogramming

Reprogramming your car key can be technical, as different models are programmed differently. If whoever serviced your car last did not program your Ford keys with the correct codes, it could cause many errors, and certain buttons on the fob will not function as they should. To fix this, you can always come to our garage in Al Quoz to get it done at an affordable price.

Irrespective of your model, our technicians will reprogram your key fob to function as it should. And if you want to make any upgrades to your key fobs, we also got you covered.

Ford windshield replacement

For most people, the windshield is an aesthetic component of their vehicle. While this is true to some degree, the windshield also serves as a safety component, protecting you from the wind and several particles in the atmosphere. Cracks, chips, and scratches can compromise the aesthetics and safety of the windshield.

If there is a flaw in your windshield, you should come to our workshop to get a replacement. For your windshield replacement with superior auto glass, be it the front windshield, window, sunroof, or rear windshield, we can easily get it done on your Ford.

Ford body shop

If your Ford was recently in a collision or the paint needs renewal, we would take care of that. At our body shop garage, we provide all kinds of bodywork, such as repairs, restoration, refinishing, or replacement of your Ford body. So, whether you need to change the bumper on your automobile, or the suspension, bring it to our garage to get it fixed.

Ford Models We Service

  • Ford Crown Victoria
  • Ford Ecosport
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  • Ford Escape
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  • Ford F150
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