Since the very first debut of Dodge over a century ago, it has been known that the brand is built for high performance. Dodge vehicles are more than just a truck, considering how their muscled exterior and ecstatic interior are constructed; a ride in it is undoubtedly thrilling.

Whether you are looking for a vehicle to haul large equipment, or a simple luxurious ride, Dodge is the perfect option. If you own this brand or are thinking of getting one, you probably know it has a high resale value. But to keep a car's current value from depreciating, you need to take your vehicle maintenance and repairs seriously.

Getting your Dodge auto repair or maintenance from just about any garage is more like getting your health care from anybody. You shouldn't do that! You must let only a qualified professional mechanic check out your vehicle. If you need a reliable and certified mechanic in Dubai for your Dodge repair and maintenance, look no further than Easy Care Auto. Our experienced team delivers unwavering maintenance and repair services to Dodge owners. Give us a call today to book an appointment or get a quote.

High Maintenance Dodge Repair Shop

Dodge vehicles frequently go up to 200,000 miles before requiring a maintenance check. But pushing your car to the limit is not recommended; you should get regular maintenance and repair.

At Easycare Auto, you will get your automobile thoroughly diagnosed to determine if you would need a service earlier than expected. Our Dodge service center in Al Quoz has the most highly-skilled technicians who are vast in different models of Dodge like the Durango, Charger, and Challenger, amongst others, just to mention a few.

We have many years of experience in the automotive repair industry and technicians who are continually undergoing training; we guarantee the best care for your vehicle. We can optimally service your automobile with state-of-the-art equipment, making it run like new. And if there is any need to replace anything on your car, we use OEM parts that meet your model's specifications. So, it doesn't matter the condition of your Dodge; when you book an appointment with us, we will restore the style and agility of the vehicle.

Our Dodge Maintenance and Repair Services

We introduce a Dodge car service garage that offers all the maintenance and repair services you can ever need on your vehicle. From simple tasks like an oil change to the more complex engine or ECM repair, and even tune-up, we got you covered. All you have to do is book an appointment to fix up your Dodge promptly and correctly.

The most popular of maintenance and repair services include:

Dodge diagnostic

Dodge diagnostic service scans your iron horse for potential problems or existing faults. This will include the condition of an engine, transmission, throttle, and other things on the vehicle. We use sophisticated diagnostic tools with deep scan features that catch a wide range of issues on your automobile before they become severe problems.

While diagnosing your Dodge, experts use their many years of experience, plus the onboard system, and even test drive it to pinpoint the issue, even when it seems like there aren't any. It would be best to make diagnosing the vehicle a regular practice, as this prevents your car from breaking down when it's the least convenient.

Dodge maintenance

If you want to keep your Dodge in top condition, the secret is good maintenance habits. Maintaining your vehicle helps to reduce the wear and tear on different parts, thus saving you on the road. Regular maintenance of simple things like fluids check, brakes, tires, transmission, and so on may not seem like much considering its price, but in the long run, it saves you cost on expensive repairs.

At Easy Care Auto, you can get all the maintenance services you need for your automobile in one garage. Dodge specialist here performs a full inspection on your auto, paying attention to every detail to ensure your vehicle is road-worthy when it leaves our workshop.

Dodge oil change

Changing the oil on your Dodge is the most basic vehicle maintenance you should take very seriously. When you don't change the oil when due, your engine, transmission, and other moving parts deteriorate and do not function optimally.

After every 3,000 - 5000 miles or within three-six months (depending on the model, car's age, and so on), you should always bring your Dodge to get an oil change. We replace the oil on your vehicle with the suitable oil grade and quantity. And while we are at it, we can also replace the oil filter of your Ram, for instance, if too old and faulty.

Dodge transmission fluid change

Are you finding it difficult to shift gear while driving, or does your vehicle surge forward or backward unexpectedly? These are common symptoms that your transmission fluid needs to be changed. You should change it regularly, depending on the type of drivetrain on your Dodge.

While you can drive your car manual transmission for up to 60,000 miles before changing the transmission fluid and up to 100,000 miles for an automatic transmission, there is no harm in changing it early. When it's getting to that time when you need to change the transmission fluid, you can get it done affordably at Easy Care Auto.

Dodge brake service

The leading cause of brake failure is negligence. A general rule of thumb is to have your Dodge brake serviced every 10,000 or 20,000 miles. When you hit the brake, you should feel your car stopping. But if you press the brake, it causes a grinding noise, intermittent screeching, or causes your steering wheel to vibrate; you should come to get your brake service.

At our local garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, we offer brake services, from pad replacement to rotor replacement. Local experts ensure your brakes are tip-top when you leave a garage.

Dodge rotor replacement

The rotor is essential to any RAM or other model braking system. But even if you had the best quality rotor on your automobile, it is bound to decline with time. If the rotor is bad, you will often incur the cost of replacing the vehicle's brake pad.

You have a faulty rotor due to driving around with a damaged brake pad for an extended period or metal-on-metal contact. Driving around with a defective rotor impairs your ability to stop when needed. Hence, if you suspect you have a warped or failing rotor, you should give us a call to get it fixed.

Dodge ABS module repair

Driving your Dodge with a faulty ABS module is unsafe and dangerous. If you own a modern model, an ABS is a standard feature. This anti-locking braking system is an integral part of the safety system that prevents your brake from locking up, particularly during heavy braking. You should call us immediately when you get the warning ABS indicator on your dashboard or your brake pedal is unresponsive.

You don’t have to drive your Dodge to our local garage when the ABS is faulty; you can book an appointment, and we will send an expert ASE-certified mobile technician to repair the ABS right in your driveway.

Dodge suspension repair

Driving your Dodge with a faulty ABS module is unsafe and dangerous. If you own a modern model, an ABS is a standard feature. This anti-locking braking system is an integral part of the safety system that prevents your brake from locking up, particularly during heavy braking. You should call us immediately when you get the warning ABS indicator on your dashboard, or your brake pedal is unresponsive.

You don't even have to drive your Dodge to our local garage when the ABS is faulty; you can book an appointment, and we will send an expert ASE-certified mobile technician to repair the ABS in your driveway.

Dodge suspension repair

When cruising in your Dodge, the suspension absorbs the vibration of the terrain you are driving. But if you notice the usual vibration or your vehicle is swaying and bouncing more than usual, these are signs of a problem with your suspension. The best way to ascertain a suspension problem is to visit Easy Care Auto in Al Quoz, UAE, to have a specialist look into the front and rear wheel suspension.

Once fully inspected and determined to be faulty, we can perform all kinds of repairs on the different parts of the suspension of your Dodge. We repair or change the shocks, linkage, springs, bushings, etc., on the suspension, irrespective of the model.

Dodge transmission repair

When driving, you should pay close attention to your car! If it is producing a burning smell, the gears keep slipping or refuse to switch, and the vehicle is just unresponsive, you might be dealing with a transmission problem.

A faulty transmission can result from several things, such as the failure to change the transmission fluid, overheating, accidents, etc. If you have issues with your Dodge transmission, we can repair and change various parts of the transmission for you at our workshop. We can perform a repair or replacement service on the sensors on your transmission, the torque converter, the valve body, the gearset, the oil pump, and so much more.

Dodge clutch replacement

The clutch is an integral part of the transmission of your Dodge, and it plays a significant role when switching gears. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic transmission engine, it comes with a clutch. But because the clutch is made of so many moving parts, it goes haywire over time. If every time your vehicle wants to change gear, it provides a grinding noise or wouldn't shift into gear, or stay in gear, then your clutch might be faulty.

Whether the problem is with the clutch plate, flywheel, or pressure plate, mechanics from Easy Care Auto will get the clutch fixed and working smoothly in no time. When you start noticing red flags from the transmission of your iron horse, you should book an appointment with us.

Dodge timing belt replacement

Unless there are other faults in your car's transmission, you should need a Dodge timing chain replacement after traveling between 80,000 and 120,000 miles. However, if the transmission chain, even though made with hardened carbon steel, is not well lubricated, installed, or maintained, it will cut, thus making it difficult to start your vehicle or causing your engine to be sluggish or misfire.

If you notice signs of a faulty timing chain on your Dodge, you should give us a call, and we will send a mobile technician your way to replace your timing chain or belt.

Dodge head gasket replacement

Your Dodge engine can be divided into the bottom and top end, where the head gasket is, among other components. The head gasket does a vital job in your engine, sealing combustion and maintaining compression. It also serves as a barrier between the coolant and oil. But overheating, abrupt temperature changes, pre-ignition, or even high mileage can cause the head gasket to go bad. If your Dodge head gasket is blown, your vehicle would feel sluggish or under powered, as there would be oil leakage.

At Easy Care Auto, our expert specialists can replace the head gasket on any model of Dodge you own with genuine OEM parts.

Dodge fuel pump replacement

If your Dodge engine is stuttering, overheating, or losing power, these are signs of insufficient fuel getting to the engine. If you have fuel in your tank yet experience this issue, it could mean the fuel pump is faulty. However, you can only be sure of this by getting a full inspection of your Dodge at our garage in Dubai. Our experts test the fuel pump and inspect the fuel flow to the engine to pinpoint the exact source of the problem.

We recommend coming to the abovementioned workshop to inspect your Dodge when you notice the early signs of a faulty pump before it becomes a more severe issue.

Dodge water pump replacement

It's common knowledge that you should keep your car temperature at an optimal level. The water pump is a cooling system on your vehicle using a specialized coolant that keeps the engine within a specific temperature range.

Ideally, the water pump should last up to 60,000 to 90,000 miles of usage, but the water pump could become faulty due to age, coolant leaks, corroded water pump, and so on. If wrong, the engine would overheat during summer and freeze during winter. And if a defective water pump is not fixed, it can damage the piston, cylinder head, or even the gasket of your engine. Bring your vehicle to our garage to get a water pump service.

Dodge starter replacement

There are two major possible issues for your car not cranking up: it can be either a low battery or a faulty starter motor. You know your starter motor is defective when you notice you have to crank your engine more to get it started, or it doesn't even crank. When dealing with this kind of issue, and you try using a jump-starter, but it fails, then a defective starter motor could be why your vehicle wouldn't come ON.

While the exact lifespan of the starter motor differs based on the model of Dodge you drive and several other factors, you should have it changed if faulty. To be sure the starter motor is defective, book an appointment with us, and we will run a complete diagnostic on your car; if defective, mechanics will replace it with a suitable component.

Dodge alternator replacement

Fluids leaking in the alternator or jump-starting your car the wrong way can cause your alternator to go bad. If your alternator is bad, you wouldn't be able to recharge your vehicle's battery, electronics in your automobile would stop working, and your car would refuse to start.

While a faulty alternator does not have the most apparent signs of a fault, you should pay attention to the warning GEN or ALT lights on your dashboard or having low electrical power in your car. If you suspect a faulty alternator in your vehicle, you should schedule an appointment with us to get your car diagnosed.

Dodge engine repair

The engine on a Dodge is a mesmerizing piece of machinery. But without proper maintenance to keep it in the best working condition, it would decline in performance pretty fast. You know the engine on your automobile is giving out when it produces an unusual amount of smoke, overheats frequently, and stalls when it shouldn't. If you are experiencing any issue with the engine of your Dodge, you should get it checked by a trusted auto mechanic. Our engine repair services include the replacement of the catalytic converter, ignition coil, oxygen sensor, spark plug, differential, and fuel cap, amongst others. It would help if you always took good care of your Dodge engine for a better chance of lasting longer.

Dodge ECM repair

The Engine Control Module (ECM) is a component on your Dodge that controls its electrical system. You know the ECM of your Dodge is failing or faulty when the engine wouldn't turn ON, gets lousy performance and fuel economy, and shifting gears becomes a problem.

Many potential problems could arise in your Dodge due to a faulty ECM, and it only goes from bad to worse if you don't repair it. Call us whenever you need an ECM repair or replacement on your iron horse, as we have skilled and experienced mechanics at our garage that will help with that.

Dodge PCM repair

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is a computerized component of your vehicle that controls everything in the powertrain. When you start noticing poor engine performance, problem shifting gears, poor fuel economy, or the check engine light is ON, the PCM on your Dodge is most likely broken. You should have the PCM of your vehicle repaired or replaced if faulty, as this can affect how the TCM and ECM work.

To put it in a better perspective, a defective PCM can end up with a dead engine. So, if it turns out that you need a PCM repair or replacement, you should reach out to us on our website or give us a call.

Dodge TIPM repair

If you start noticing some symptoms like your transmission is failing, the airbag light is ON, and the power window and door lock no longer work, it could result from a faulty TIPM. The Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) on your vehicle was designed to modularize the brain box, thereby decreasing the complexity of wiring and weight. At the same time, the immense relay integrated on the circuit board resulted in a remote relay circuit and a solid-state integrated circuit.

Whichever of these circuit boards you have, your Dodge is not immune to getting faulty or requiring replacement with time. To get proper TIPM repair or replacement service in the UAE, look no other than Easy Care Auto, as we use genuine OEM parts to fix the issue.

Dodge AC repair

If the AC on your Dodge goes out suddenly can make your day go from great to not-so-great fast. The possibility of what caused the AC issue can be one of several things. Most of the time, this issue is caused by a faulty compressor or coolant leak. And if the problem is that the air is not blowing cool, it could be that the air filter is clogged, or the cooling fan has gone bad.

Meanwhile, you don't have to tolerate the discomfort of a faulty AC, as you have an opportunity to get it fixed easily at our garage in Al Quoz. Even if you can't figure out what caused the issue or the problem with your AC, our experts will fix it in no time.

Dodge tune up

Do you want to get more fuel economy or get more horsepower from your engine? In that case, you most likely need an engine tune. Getting an engine tune requires complex and precise engineering. If not done correctly, tuning your automotive could break it. Hence, if you want to turn your automotive, it is best to get it done by a professional.

At Easy Care Auto, we have specialized mechanics who are vast in engineering different Dodge models. From optimizing fuel/air ratio to adjusting transmission timing, and more, we can upgrade your car to just what you want. We take advantage of the vast availability of various car accessories to give your automobile the touch you want.

Dodge bumper replacement

The bumper on your Dodge is not only for aesthetic function but also to protect pedestrians from severe injuries in a case of an accidental collision, as well as protect your brake light and headlight from damage. You may even install a fog light bulb on the bumper for safer driving in foggy weather conditions. But if you are in a collision, the bumper of your Dodge, be it the front or rear, will become crushed.

If you need a bumper replacement, you can trust us at Easy Care Auto to get the best service. We can repair your bumper if it is just a scratch by patching and repainting it or installing a replacement bumper if the damage is too severe.

Dodge auto body repair

If the frame, roof, door, fender, windshield, and other exterior or interior parts of your Dodge are getting too old or having too many scratches and dents, you need an auto body repair.

At Easy Care Auto, we restore all line models to their original glory. When you bring your automobile to our workshop for an auto body repair, we assess the severity of the damage and give you an overview of what needs to be repaired. We are the top auto body repair shop in Al Quoz, Dubai, so drive in and find out what you can improve for your Dodge today at what price.

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