Collision repair

Vehicle damage is always unpleasant, while dents and deformation of the body work after an accident are a double whammy. It is necessary not only to cope with the stress but also to renovate the car. At the same time, there are often cases when urgent maintenance is required. Restoration after an accident is complex because various systems and parts can be deformed, so it is unlikely to repair the car yourself. Thus, to fully enjoy driving the vehicle again, it is necessary to take it to a reliable service station nearby. A professional specialist will quickly pick up all the required materials and provide collision repair in the shortest possible time.

Each car needs an individual approach - our company's mechanics have extensive experience in restoration work, so it is easy to make the car stylish and aesthetically pleasing again.

Trust Auto Body Collision Repair to Experts in Dubai

It is a complex and time-consuming task, the implementation of which is best left to professionals. Practice shows that the amount and complexity of the work directly depend on the nature of the damage.

The consequences of "light" traffic accidents can be eliminated with the help of local cosmetic repairs. In contrast, severe damages may lead to major collision repair, which requires modern technology and equipment. That's why we don't recommend performing this procedure on your own or by following guides on the Internet.

What Steps Car Collision Repair Consists of?

Usually, the collision repair in Al Quoz is carried out by following the next steps:

  • washing and thorough inspection of the vehicle in a garage;
  • defects identification, during which hidden minor damage that we did not notice during the initial visual inspection may be revealed;
  • development of the plan;
  • body work (geometry restoration, straightening, etc.);
  • painting of damaged elements;
  • vehicle assembly;
  • polishing the body surface, if necessary - treatment with special protective and cleaning supplies.

Cost of Auto Collision Repair

We strive to provide affordable, if not cheap, price to each client. The cost of the service in Al Quoz is determined individually and depends directly on:

  • the complexity and nature of the damage;
  • condition of the car after the accident;
  • the amount of work to be performed;
  • the need for replacement of elements;
  • used spare parts and consumables.

Also, by choosing us, you get a shop with various spare parts and all the necessary things for collision repair nearby.

Get the Bets Automotive Service in UAE!

We take care of all cases of collision repair Dubai. Take your car to our auto center in Dubai if it has been involved in an accident. We are genuine masters of our craft who can cope with any tasks. Availability of modern equipment and use of quality consumables helps us achieve an ideal result promptly.

Collision Repair Benefits

  • We work on a turnkey basis: you bring in a damaged automobile and take back a new-looking car.
  • We provide invoices, bills, and other documents for the insurance company.

We choose the paint color that fits your transport.

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