Car starter replacement

The car starter motor is a vital component that turns a car's engine to over 200 revs per minute before the engine starts. When your car's starter motor is about to go wrong, several indicators show it.

Ideally, when your vehicle needs a starter replacement, you should have it fixed on time - having the starter motor give out on you while driving is not healthy for your automobile. Although when the part goes bad, the engine will not go off. Nevertheless, you should seek a means to repair or change it on time since further fixing the breakdown could be more expensive and long-term.

If you are nearby, you could drive down to our garage in Al Quoz, UAE, to have a specialist take a look at your auto and make a car starter replacement if needed. You can always trust one of the most qualified mechanic teams to come through in Dubai.

However, if you are still contemplating whether changing a starter motor is worth the price, we will enlighten you on why driving around with a faulty part is not safe.

Why you shouldn't drive around with a faulty starter

Driving your car around when it requires a starter replacement is not ideal. If you do, you may succumb to the following pitfalls:

You could get stranded in the middle of the road

The function of the starter is to engage your automotive engine when you want to turn it on. When it goes bad, although your engine keeps working, if for any reason it goes off, you wouldn't be able to start it again. In other words, you could get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Your battery could run down

In some cases, when we do a starter car replacement, the damage often extends to the alternator. The alternator is responsible for charging the vehicle's battery. Except the cost of a new battery is insignificant to you, you shouldn't drive your automobile when the starter is faulty. The starter and the alternator could get damaged simultaneously, and your vehicle's electronic component will run down your car's battery. An unplanned replacement of another part may be more frustrating.

ECU may go bad

The ECU of any vehicle is quite fragile and could easily get damaged by a surge in power going into it. A faulty starter motor may send too high or too low voltage or current that could damage the ECU. When the starter is defective, you can't predict how erratic it will behave, and what nearby car part can be affected.

Should you replace or repair the starter motor?

Sometimes, it is worthwhile to repair your vehicle's electric motor rather than buy a new one. So, after scrutinizing your automobile, our specialist will let you know if you should fix it or buy a new one. But in most cases, a repair is possible. In case the damage is far too significant, we often recommend a complete replacement to ensure you don't get other issues.


If you genuinely want to save money on the cost of your automobile repair, you should ensure to attend to any anomaly on time. Not going for a starter replacement on time could damage other parts of your vehicle, which will increase the cost of repair at the end of the day. So, when you notice anything wrong with your automobile, do well by visiting our workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai, for your repairs and maintenance.

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