Car rim straightening

The condition of the road you are driving and how you drive on it impacts your car’s health. You must drive carefully on nearby roads with potholes, so you don’t end up with a bent rim. However, a buckle and trim bent on your part should not be the end of the journey for your car.

Although steel wheel straightening is possible, alloy wheel straightening is a different case. A steel wheel is more likely to bend when you hit a curb, whereas an alloy wheel is more likely to crack. You can always come to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, for a car rim straightening service. You will get excellent service, and our highly experienced team will give you piece of advice on what to do if you have a damaged wheel in the future.

Should I straighten or replace my rim?

Rims straightening repair should not be taken lightly or postponed, as driving around with a bent wheel is dangerous. A smart move is to straighten or replace your wheel when necessary.

If you have a bent rim, you should bring it to our local UAE shop to have it fixed. We would recommend straightening it or replacing it based on a few factors. Read on to learn more about the recommended straightening service conditions.

When to straighten your rim?

When the dent on your vehicle’s rim is not too pronounced or affects the structural integrity of your wheel, it is cheap to straighten it. Our professionals preheat the damaged area to a specific temperature and then pull the wheel back to the manufacturers’ specifications.

With our top-of-the-line wheel straightening machines and the know-how of our auto specialist, we can help you straighten a wide variety of wheels. Whether you have an aluminum wheel, steel, chrome, or even some alloy of up to 24-inch diameter, we can conveniently straighten it up for you in our workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai.

When to replace your rim?

In some cases, the type of wheel you have on your automotive will not give room for a tire rim straightening service. Alloy wheels, in particular, are the type of wheels that don’t support straightening that much. And if the dent on your part is far too severe, straightening it wouldn’t be a viable option.

Straightening in some situations is not viable because it simply wouldn’t serve you well. In a case like this, even though the price of a new wheel will cost you more, we often advise you to go for a replacement so you get more value.


To be honest, these parts are hard to repair. So, if you have to deal with a bent rim, you should bring it to our workshop and let a professional help you fix it. Attempting to fix it yourself could only worsen the case.

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