Car light repairing

Are you wondering why the headlights of some cars seem to stand out more than others? Ultimately, the lights of vehicles are made of two materials: plastic and glass. Unfortunately, most cars come shipped with plastic polymer lamps, while some premium vehicles come with glass ones.

Perhaps you need a headlight bulb repair, and you’re contemplating whether to go for plastic or glass materials. To help you choose the best headlights that suit you, we’ve come up with some tips. Foremost, understand that both lights are excellent, but they have ups and downs. So, whichever you choose at the end of the day, you can have it in our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. An available specialist will help with repairing, advise on the best parts, set up the light adjusting as well.

Plastic headlights

Today, automobile manufacturers prefer to ship vehicles with plastic headlights because it allows them to achieve the aerodynamic shape they want. Also, plastics is less expensive to produce than glass. Such lights are much safer in the event of an accident. Unlike glass, these wouldn’t shatter on impact. Moreover, plastics are durable and don’t break easily.

However, if you choose plastic headlights when car light repairing, note that they have a common issue of getting plagued with oxidation. Apart from that, generally, plastic headlights scratch easily. And when exposed to UV light from the sun, you get this foggy or cloudy light at the end of the day.

Glass headlights

On the other hand, glass headlights are most often used in high-end automobiles. However, if you desire to have this on your vehicle just bring it down to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai for a headlight bulb repair. Be sure, you can have it swapped at a good price nearby. While using glass lights makes your automotive look premium, it does not come with most of the downsides of other ones. For example, glass don’t get oxidized like plastic parts and don’t scratch easily.

While glass headlights are premium looking, they cost relatively more to have fitted on vehicles. Glass lights weigh more than other ones. Apart from high material cost, they don’t bond easily to other nearby components during a car light repairing, making them somewhat challenging to fit. Also, glass headlights are not durable, making them more likely to break during a crash, and the shattered glass could cause further damage and dangers.


If you are searching for headlights repairing in Al Quoz, UAE you can visit our work shop and get the service for a nominal price. We can also have the oxidation on a plastic lights cleaned, installing the glass parts, replacing the dim bulb, and whatever headlight challenge you have.

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