Car cooling system repair

If your car does not have a cooling system, it will likely overheat and damage several parts. For this reason, car manufacturers integrated an excellent cooling system to regulate the engine's temperature. Sadly, the cooling system is not damage-proof like most parts of your vehicle. Even though it is durable and may last years, it will eventually give out.

In that case, bring your car to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, to have a professional cooling system repair.

Below are a few words about every typical car cooling system service we often encounter.

Faulty radiator

The radiator, commonly situated at the front of an automobile, is responsible for cooling your car engine. The basic components of a radiator include a fan, a hose, and a pump. If there is a fault in any of these components, the radiator will not function as it ought to. For example, if the fan stops working, the radiator won't be able to cool the engine. When you notice the radiator is faulty, visit our UAE local shop to have a specialist repair or replace it at an unbeatable price.

The radiator hose is leaking

As we said earlier, the radiator is connected to a hose. And a fluid known as the coolant flows through the hose. Coolant is a chemical that can absorb and disperse heat very quickly.

So, when the coolant flows to the engine and back to the radiator, it absorbs heat and disperses it when it gets to the radiator. But when there is a leak somewhere along the channel, it causes cooling issues. If you notice the coolant is leaking from nearby parts, it is crucial to have it fixed ASAP.

Water pump failure

The coolant can flow through the engine thanks to the water pump. When the coolant is not flowing as it ought to, the engine will not cool as it ought to. This issue can cause your engine to overheat, leading to further damage. So, when you notice the water pump fails, you need to come to a nearby workshop for an engine cooling system repair service.

Thermostat problem

Auto manufacturers designed something called a thermostat. The thermostat is more like a sensor that detects when the engine is getting too hot and working at optimal temperature. When it is hot, the thermostat causes the radiation to work harder to ensure maximum cooling. But sometimes, there could be an issue with the thermostat.


Are you searching for a cheap place for a radiation fan replacement, water pump repair, or even a coolant system repair? We got you covered with all your cooling system repairs. Reduce the cost of repair by properly maintaining your vehicle! You can bring your car to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our highly-experienced specialists will explain why the check light on your automotive dashboard is always on and fix all the cooling system breakdowns.

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