Car AC refresh

When the air conditioner does not work, it gets really exhausting to stay in a car. That is why timely maintenance of the conditioning system is essential. Then the climate control will please with coolness in hot weather and a comfortable humidity level even in the dampest weather. To achieve this, you need a car ac refresh service. If you are looking for an experienced specialist nearby, we highly recommend you not to leave this page as we ensure you'll stay pleased with the cheap cost and offers we provide in Dubai, Al Quoz.

What's the Common Problem?

The refresh air conditioning car system needs freon to ensure compressors and complete equipment work efficiently. According to specialists, it is necessary to replenish the required volume of freon no less than once a year, and if the auto is new - in three years.

How to Identify that Air Conditioner is Running Low on Freon?

  • condition cools air poorly or doesn't cool at all;
  • there is oil on pipes with refrigerant;
  • there is frost in the internal unit;
  • there is a bad smell.

Car Conditioner Refresh

In this case, you may need an air con refresh. It's recommended to visit auto service stations to check and charge a conditioner at least once a year, especially in the spring and summer periods. The check in the garage will include:

  • air tightness of the system for freon leakage from it;
  • replacement of the air recirculation filter;
  • replacement of the cabin filter, if necessary;
  • if there is such a necessity, filling with freon and oil.

A decrease in the efficiency of the conditioner may be a reason for additional checking. However, the deterioration of the conditioner is not always the result of insufficient refrigerant. To determine the causes, you should contact an expert in UAE.

Price of Car AC Refresh in Dubai

To define the exact cost, please take your vehicle to the garage. However, the standard car AC refresh price in Al Quoz ranges between $150 and $500. Be sure we'll try to provide you with the best solution and pleasant discounts to ensure the service won't empty your wallet.

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