The Cadillac is a brand that has made a name for itself due to its lavish offering. It has been and will remain a speck of emblem representing superiority. So, when you own a Cadillac, it is understandable that you expect more than the ordinary regarding repairing services. If you are searching for a Cadillac repair shop you can trust, look no further; Easy Сare Auto is a workshop with everything you need.

No one is more qualified than Ecare Auto in Dubai, as we have ASE-certified professionals who are vast at handling repairs on top-quality luxurious automobiles. Specialists out there are well-trained and know the innermost working principles of different models of Cadillac, including CTS-V, Series 62, ATS-V, and so on.

As the best Cadillac service center, we have several modern and computerized equipment that assists a great deal in helping us repair with such precision. We provide you with every kind of service, from serving to preventive maintenance to repairs and even performance tuning.

Get the Best Cadillac Repair in Dubai from Easy Care Auto

So, what makes Easycare Auto the best Cadillac car service garage in Dubai? We are certified and partner with various car manufacturers, including all the lines of that car brand, to provide you with the manufacturer’s standard repair services. We also have access to manufacturers’ spare parts. If you ever need to replace anything on your Cadillac, you can trust the part not only to be a perfect fit but would last you a great deal.

At Easycare Auto, we offer a diverse range of services available in the garage, at the roadside, or at your home to ensure you are never stranded. And the best part is that the price of our services is very competitive. So, why wait? When you bought a Cadillac, you stepped into a new standard. And from this day forward, your car deserves a high level of attention and passion for detail from a certified professional who cares about your automobile.

Range of Services at Easy Care Auto in Dubai

Often, many car owners have their dashboard indicators light up like a Christmas tree. Ideally, this shouldn't be the case, particularly with a luxurious car like the Cadillac. Also, normalize checking your vehicle regularly even when there seem to be no problems. This is not because the "Caddy" is not a durable automobile; it's just to ensure that it is in good working condition - doing this also extends the car's lifespan.

At Easy Care Auto, you can get an extensive range of Cadillac car services. However, the type of repair service you need depends on the condition of your automobile when you bring it to our garage. We can break down our Cadillac auto repair and service into three main types: primary, full, or interim.

Below are some of the services you can expect to get at our garage in the UAE:

Cadillac Diagnostic

When you start noticing certain signs and symptoms on your automobile indicating a malfunction, you should bring it to our garage for a complete diagnostic test. We can provide you with a quick yet precise assessment of your Cadillac health.

Through a series of tests with sophisticated software, visual inspection, and even road tests, the high-experienced specialist will pinpoint the exact issue with your automobile and can go ahead to fix it. Ultimately, it does not matter what indicator light is ON; when our specialists are done, they clear all error codes on a dashboard. So, visit our garage in Al Quoz for assistance in diagnosing your Cadillac.

Cadillac Maintenance

Basic maintenance such as checking oil levels, inspecting the gearbox, checking tire pressures, parking brake, and several other maintenance routines should not be left by the wayside. You can always book an appointment with ECare Auto if you have a busy schedule. The mechanic will handle all the standard maintenance your Cadillac needs. And it's not a must you bring the automobile to our garage, you can book an appointment, and our mobile expert specialists can come to meet you at the roadside or in your home.

The rewards of performing basic maintenance on your Cadillac far outweigh the downsides of not doing it. You can extend the lifespan and prevent unnecessary repairs by performing basic maintenance on your favourite caddy. Hence, your iron horse will remain in good shape, thus improving your owning experience.

Cadillac Oil Change

An oil change is probably the most basic service we recommend you bring your car for regularly. It involves changing the oil as well as the oil filter. The essence of an oil change is to ensure the oil in your automotive properly lubricates any moving part inside the engine. With time, oil tends to degrade due to heat buildup and metals rubbing against each other.

If the oil is not replaced with the right one, it can lead to severe damage to the engine, among other automotive parts. When performing an oil change on any Cadillac, we seriously consider the right type of oil that is ideal for your model.

Cadillac Transmission Fluid Change

Like every automotive, your one requires a transmission fluid change as well. The transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating the internal component of the transmission. The transmission fluid helps keep the mechanism cool when it transfers power from the engine to the wheel.

When the transmission light is turned ON, it indicates that you need to change the transmission fluid. Or, if you have used the liquid for a while, it becomes dirty, burnt, and does not provide much lubrication.

At Easy Care Auto, our specialists also provide changing transmission fluid as a service for any model of Cadillac. Our local expert mechanics first drain the transmission fluid, sometimes replacing the filter and pan gasket, adding high-quality transmission fluid, and checking for leaks.

Cadillac Battery Replacement

Another service that we provide that is in high demand is battery replacement. If you are struggling to start your vehicle, there is a high chance the problem is from the battery. All batteries get weak over time as they have a limited recharge cycle. So, when you are approaching the maximum number of times you can charge and discharge the battery, it wouldn't perform as optimally as it once did.

Most car batteries are provided with an indicator you should use to tell it is low. But if you are unsure your car battery is low, you may reach out to us. A professional electrician will use our computerized tools to test the battery and help you source a high-quality battery replacement for your model.

Cadillac Sunroof Shade Repair

Did your Cadillac sunroof become inoperable? Do not worry; we also specialize in sunroof repairs at Easy Care Auto. So, whether it is broken, leaking, cracked, or the motor has gone bad, it doesn't matter; we got your back. The sunroof is one of its major selling points, as it lets more light into the interior of the car, which adds to the luxurious feel of owning a Cadillac.

With many tricks up the sleeves of our specialists, it doesn't matter whether your it is made of glass or plastic; we will source the right material and repair the sunroof with so much care and precision.

Cadillac ECM Repair

The ECM of an automobile is the computer control of the vehicle. Essentially, the ECM controls several things on an automobile, mainly the engine performance. It can achieve this through the various sensors on your car. So, when there is an issue with the sensor, or the ECM is reading error, it wouldn't be able to function correctly.

If you suspect the ECM of your Cadillac is faulty, ensure you bring it to our garage, where a skilled mechanic with lots of experience repairing ECM will handle it. We don't advise trying to repair the ECM of your model yourself, especially if you don't have proper knowledge about it.

Cadillac Engine Repair

An automotive engine is the most complex component, consisting of several sections. If you need any Cadillac engine rebuild or repair, give us a call or bring your automobile to the Easy Care garage. We have the latest diagnostics equipment to analyze the engine's status to pinpoint the issue. We are vast in handling the engine of any model.

Our skilled mechanics have been servicing and repairing engines for years; they have in-depth knowledge of how each Cadillac engine works.

Cadillac Transmission Service

Is the transmission differential on your Cadillac troubling you? Does it produce a shaking or grinding noise when you shift gears? You need to bring it down to our Al Quoz garage for a transmission service if it does. Before we proceed with the transmission service, we perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine with certainty that the issue with your Cadillac is the faulty transmission. When it is determined that you truly need transmission service, our highly experienced team provides hassle-free transmission repair, often including re-programming and TCM replacement.

Cadillac Head Gasket Repair

The head gasket on your Cadillac plays a vital role as it is positioned between the engine head and the engine block, which helps keep the pressure in the engine at an optimal level. When you need a Cadillac head gasket replacement, your engine will struggle to stay on or produce a lot of smoke due to incomplete combustion.

However, it is worth noting that you have a few repair options when there is an issue with the head gasket of your Cadillac. You could either go for a head gasket sealer, take on the cost of a new head gasket replacement, or get a new engine, depending on the severity of the damage.

Cadillac Alternator Replacement

You rely on the starter to power the engine whenever you want to turn ON your "Cad". The starter motor is powering your machine because the alternator keeps the battery of your Cadillac charged. If you have a faulty alternator, your battery will run down, and the engine will crank weakly or slowly.

To prevent this, regularly bringing your car to our garage for routine maintenance is advisable. We'd inspect the alternator, amongst other things, to ensure they are in good working conditions. If the alternator is bad, our technician simply removes the damaged one and replaces it with a new one.

Cadillac Timing Chain Replacement

The timing chain on your Cadillac has to be replaced at the recommended service interval. When you skip the services, the timing chain could go bad in odd situations, like in the middle of the road.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself stuck in the middle of the road with your timing chain broken, give us a call, and we will send an expert mechanic to your location. Our experts will come and replace the broken or slack timing belt with a high-quality serpentine belt or durable chain, as the case may be.

Cadillac Spark Plug Replacement

An automotive engine, including the Cadillac engine, uses spark plugs. The spark plugs help create a series of spark which ignites the air-fuel mixture to create an explosion that helps keep the engine running. With time, mainly after less than 100,000 miles, the spark plug will also require replacement.

At Easy Care Auto, we replace spark plugs for all models. Whether your Cadillac uses a V6 engine with six spark plugs, a V8 with two spark plugs per cylinder making a total of 16 plugs, or any other configuration, our specialists are up to the task.

Cadillac Fuel Pump Replacement

In most modern cars, the fuel pump is mainly situated inside the fuel tank, which is placed in the car's back seat. This pump draws fuel from the tank and into the front of the vehicle, where the engine is placed. Unfortunately, the pump can go wrong and would require much work to replace.

However, at our garage, the specialist will replace the fuel pump on any model of Cadillac in no time. Even if you own an older one with its fuel pump outside, mechanics have in-depth information on how to replace it.

Cadillac Water Pump Replacement

One important one is the coolant tank among the tanks to watch when you open your Cadillac's bonnet. This tank serves many functions, including providing a coolant to the water pump, which is used to cool the engine. While it is called a water pump, its content is a coolant that can absorb heat and dissipate it fast. If the water pump goes bad, your engine will overheat and break down.

If there are signs the water pump is faulty, bring your automobile to ECare garage for a full diagnosis, after which, if the water pump is truly damaged, a specialist will replace it for you in no time.

Cadillac Heater Core Replacement

Have you ever wondered how your Cadillac can produce hot and cold air, letting you choose the right atmosphere temperature you want in your car? Well, it can achieve this by projecting the heated air from the engine into the cabin. Of course, it does not launch it directly; the coolant goes through certain filters to ensure it is safe to inhale. If the heater core is bad, we can replace it with any Cadillac line up model.

Rather than neglecting a damaged heater core, bring your automobile to our garage, and we will replace it at a competitive price.

Cadillac Wiper Blade Replacement

The wiper on your Cadillac must be in good working condition. The wiper comes in handy when you are driving on a rainy day. So, suppose you notice the wiper blade is bad, or the wiper rotor is not functioning correctly. In that case, you should bring your iron horse to the garage in Al Quoz. We have professional electricians that will fix the wiper on your Cadillac with high-end blades with graphite coated to ensure smoothness.

Cadillac AC Repair

If your Cadillac's air conditioning system is not working or it is working but not getting as cold as you'd want it, then you should bring it to our workshop. Our team has certified technicians who diagnose and fix broken car AC.

The thing about car AC is that when it is not working properly, it could result from several things. Sometimes it could be that you need a Cadillac AC belt replacement, the refrigerant is leaking, the filter is blocked, and so on. But whatever the case may be, you can ease your mind as our experts are up to the task irrespective of the model of Cadillac.

Cadillac Body Repair

The attractive detailing bodywork of the Cadillac is worth protecting as it is what gives it that exotic look. However, exposure to the elements, rough terrains, or even collisions, amongst others, could all contribute to its deteriorating bodywork.

If the beauty of your Cadillac is deteriorating due to its bodywork, don't hesitate to bring it down to our garage, as we offer a wide range of bodywork repair services. This includes front and rear bumper replacement, headlight repair or replacement, break light, and a more intense Cadillac collision repair or a Cadillac scratch repair. Come to our garage to learn more about our various bodywork services.

Cadillac Suspension Repair

When you look at the Cadillac car lineup, one thing is synonymous among most of them: their low-profile tires. Such tires are great as they give you a better grip on the ground to handle high speed. Nevertheless, a low-profile tire may not particularly be the best for rough terrains. You can get a suspension lift which will give you a few inches off the ground. And even when your car's suspension is damaged, you can bring it to our workshop, as we also offer suspension repairs.

Cadillac Models We Service

  • Cadillac ATS
  • Cadillac ATS Coupe
  • Cadillac ATS V
  • Cadillac ATS V Coupe
  • Cadillac BLS
  • Cadillac CT6
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  • Cadillac CTS Coupe Dubai
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