The Bentley model range is quality British luxury products. The high comfort, durability, and practicality indicators justify this brand's worldwide reputation. Still, car owners often face various technical problems. In our Bentley service center, you can get service of any complexity, from base maintenance, electrics, suspension, and steering to body repair in one place. Full-time mechanics specialize exclusively in the Bentley repair service and have gained considerable experience in the qualitative elimination of all faults and damage.

Typical Breakdowns of Bentley

There are not so many typical failures of these vehicles, as the factory's assembly quality is carefully controlled. Nevertheless, we can highlight frequently occurring malfunctions:

  • Malfunction of the starter;
  • Breakage of wiring in the ignition system;
  • Stalling engine or too high revolutions at idle;
  • Interruptions in engine operation, reduced power;
  • Fuel line or filters clogged;
  • Low or high oil pressure;
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • Knocking on crankshaft bearings;
  • Worn or broken timing chain.

Why Choose Us

Professional Bentley repair service in our workshop is carried out qualitatively and as fast as possible, as evidenced by the grateful feedback from the customers. We value our reputation, so we provide only quality Bentley auto repairs. It's complex, painstaking, daily work to maintain the highest level of service quality:

  • Necessary equipment and tools for fixing any malfunctions.
  • Qualified Bentley specialists;
  • Prompt turnaround time;
  • Best prices in Dubai, Al Quoz;
  • High customer reviews.

100% Warranty Quality

  1. Technical Support. Our customers can get any technical consultations over the phone.
  2. All Models. We serve all models, including the rarest and vintage ones.
    • Bentayga
    • Continental Flying Spur
    • Continental GT
    • Flying Spur
    • Mulsanne
  3. Restoration.
  4. Onsite Service. We offer onsite computer diagnostics.

Possible emergency Bentley repair service with departure is also possible.

Bentley Repair Services at Our Technical Center

We offer services provided by certified mechanics who know all subtleties and vulnerabilities in practice. We use modern diagnostic equipment and tools, work according to the manufacturer's instructions, and choose the original or inferior parts for replacement.

Call to learn about prices, make an appointment for an emergency or scheduled repair of Bentley in Dubai, Al Quoz. We are ready to diagnose, replace parts and repair mechanisms quickly. The company guarantees 100% quality repair work and maintenance.

Bentley Engine Repair

The following symptoms indicate that a Bentley engine repair is needed:

  • loss of power of the internal combustion engine;
  • irregular operation of components at idle;
  • increase in oil and fuel consumption;
  • overheating, motor jamming;
  • knocking and vibration during operation;
  • difficult start-up;
  • change of color of exhaust gases, and spark plugs.

The specialists will carry out Bentley repair service with high quality and not expensive. Current Bentley engine repair includes the replacement of consumables, as well as control units, the installation of which does not require serious interference in the construction.

Bentley Maintenance

We offer complete professional Bentley maintenance, which is the key to a safe ride and a long service life without problems or breakdowns. The exact list of work may vary depending on the model, year of manufacture, time, and mileage of use.

We offer three types of Bentley maintenance:

  • After purchasing a new car, zero maintenance (running-in) is done in the first 1000-1500 km of run. The factory oil is changed, the overall condition is assessed, and problems and risks are identified.
  • The first maintenance, as well as further planned, is carried out once a year or according to the manufacturer's recommendations every 15,000 km. All elements, units, and parts are checked, and minor problems are promptly eliminated. It prevents the risk of sudden breakdowns.
  • Seasonal maintenance is done twice a year, usually during the transition to the winter and summer seasons. We provide tires and oil fluid change if necessary, check air conditioning and heating system. It can be combined with a scheduled annual Bentley repair service.

Bentley Brake Change

Maintenance of the brake system includes diagnostics of the unit and replacement of the brake pads and its other components. Regular maintenance of this system is recommended every 10,000 km (especially for vehicles that are out of warranty). It will help to detect malfunctions at an early stage and eliminate them to avoid expensive repairs.

The mechanics of our service station in Dubai, Al Quoz, have extensive practical experience in preventive and recovery work of this brand, so they will quickly and accurately fulfill any orders of any level of complexity. To make an appointment for Bentley brake change service, please get in touch with us.

Bentley Air Suspension Repair

The primary purpose of installing air suspension is to increase driving comfort. You should check the operation of the device regularly in the following way: some time after stopping, when the automobile is at a standstill, measure the distance from the bottom of the car to the ground. If it is less than during driving and immediately after it, it means that there is a problem in this structural element. However, you should not rush to change the whole system at once. Perhaps the malfunction lies at the junction of the main air ducts and pneumatic cylinders.

Bentley air suspension repair is a must in case of the following signs of performance failure:

  • depressurization of the air struts;
  • failure of air reservoir pressure sensor;
  • rattling when the compressor is running;
  • whistling and hissing around the wheel after the engine is started.

We guarantee fast assistance to any owner of a prestige vehicle.

Bentley Key Fob Replacement

The qualified staff of our company does Bentley key fob replacement. We have tremendous experience repairing any keys and have professional equipment and tools at our disposal.

Besides, we are dealing with different problems with repairing and restoring keys:

  • replacement of worn, broken key case;
  • replacing the locking mechanism if the key is broken;
  • replacing the battery;
  • repair the key, in case of failure of the control chip of the central locking of the automobile;
  • re-soldering of micon button on electronic keyboard;
  • restore key elements after various damages.

Experienced professionals perform all work.

Bentley Key Programming

We offer:

  • urgent departure to the client;
  • removal of old keys from memory;
  • resetting immobilizer errors.

To provide Bentley key programming, repair the system, and restore keys in case of loss or malfunction, the service company must have a dealer license for such work. Only then is it possible to reprogram the keys and access the shared network of the code supplier. Our company has these rights and provides quick solutions to all the problems.

Bentley Battery Replacement

Reasons when the battery may need to be replaced urgently:

  • the vehicle does not start. If you hear the familiar clicks of the starter under the hood but the ignition doesn't work;
  • you have forgotten to turn off the radio, and it has drained your battery;
  • you have not switched off the parking lights or left the interior light on for an extended period of time;
  • you can't open the Bentley with the alarm remote, but you're sure the remote's battery is still working;
  • you can't open the hood because the electromechanical lock is installed.

The workshop renders services for Bentley battery replacement with a departure in UAE. You can always order the delivery and service at home by contacting our operator.

Bentley Сar Detailing

Bentley is a representative of the British automobile industry, which is distinguished by a premium level of comfort, recognized quality of assembly, and excellent performance properties. This brand is the preference of drivers who use luxury automobiles.

To maintain a satisfactory technical condition of the vehicle and get a look-new appearance, it is necessary to carry out timely maintenance and Bentley car detailing, namely:

  • detailing wash;
  • deep cleaning of windows, bodywork, wheels, and calipers;
  • body and headlight polishing;
  • skin protection;
  • quartz body protection;
  • quartz protection of wheel disks and calipers.

Bentley Suspension Service

All modern models are equipped with an air suspension system on both the front and the rear axle. All suspension elements, including air suspension parts, are exposed to dust, dirt and reagents flying from the road. Dirt settles and clogs not only on the outer parts of the parts but also gets into all the gaps, clearances, leading to the failure of the parts.

The quality of roads and regular hitting by car wheels into holes, potholes, and roughness on roads also affect the air suspension system breakdown. Even the most reliable spare parts are not up to the load and fail over time.

The Bentley suspension service is performed in the garage by qualified professionals with extensive experience. It is carried out using original spare parts and components, available to our customers at dealer cost. We strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use advanced technology when performing the work.

Bentley Transmission Repair

The gearbox on any vehicle allows transmitting torque from the power unit to the wheels. These units have a fairly complex design, requiring skilled intervention if repairs are needed.

Many drivers know that Bentley transmission repair may be necessary sooner or later during the operation of the vehicle. In this case, it is crucial to contact an excellent local service center nearby, which employs true professionals who will be able to make diagnostics with subsequent Bentley repair service.

Here are the points indicating breakdowns:

  • the presence of suspicious vibrations and sounds. In this case, it may indicate the presence of significant wear of mechanical parts, it is possible to eliminate the breakdown with the help of repair or complete replacement of the box;
  • transmission travel loses its smoothness, impossibility, or difficulty in gear shifting. Such signs may indicate that there is a probability of oil leakage;
  • the presence of an unpleasant smell of burning;
  • a lower response during the pressing of the clutch pedal;
  • the presence of a hum during neutral gear;
  • If you have noticed any of the above "symptoms," you need to contact us. The specialists will perform Bentley transmission repair and maintenance on the most favorable terms, providing quality results.

Bentley Collision Repair

Our workshop makes all kinds of diagnostics and repairs for elite automobiles. We always meet deadlines and offer the best combination of a cheap price and quality - you can check it easily as the cost of each service is indicated honestly on the site.

We perform all types of Bentley repair service - from simple to the most complex Bentley collision repair work. Let us briefly list them:

  • Diagnostics of any malfunctions.
  • Repair of engines, automatic transmission.
  • Polishing services, detailing and installation of additional equipment.
  • Locksmithing and electrics replacement.
  • Tire changer and tire fitting.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Body repair and painting.
  • Fuel system maintenance.

Bentley Starter Replacement

If the starter is defective, the vehicle will not start. This device starts the engine, so its performance must be monitored especially carefully. In detecting malfunctions, it is necessary to turn to the masters for services - Bentley starter replacement and repair.

Among the symptoms of a faulty starter work are:

  • Weak starter pull when the battery is normally charged;
  • Single or frequent actuation of the retractor relay when the rotor does not rotate;
  • The starter does not turn at all when turning the ignition key: diagnostics may be required as this malfunction may not be related to the unit itself;
  • Intense mechanical noise when cranking;
  • Strong heating of the unit's housing, burning smell of insulation when turned on.

Please note that the starter itself may not be to blame for many faults. For example, the control wire of the retractor relay may be broken; the engine ground may be oxidized, and the starter relay (not to be confused with the retractor relay) can be faulty.

If you can't identify the problem yourself or it's not obvious (auto starter is burnt out, makes a loud noise, and so on), it's worth calling our car electrician.

Bentley Headlight Replacement

The specialists are familiar with the design of all modern automobiles. Therefore they will be able to replace car headlights nearby very quickly. It can be both the repair of the light optics on the stern and maintenance of the glass. Without this element of the car, you can not count on:

  • Good illumination of the roadway;
  • Indication of the direction of the car;
  • Warning to other drivers.

What is included in the service? Bentley headlight replacement may seem like a matter of two seconds, but in fact, it is a whole complex of services that true professionals should provide. We use particular welding technologies, so it is possible to avoid possible cracks and chips on the surface of the headlights. If you do not want to replace the part completely, you can use the service of gluing the necessary sections. It allows you to retain the original headlights by gluing the parts that may have been damaged by the impact. It all depends on what material was originally used, it may be either plastic or glass.

Bentley AC Repair

When is it necessary to repair a Bentley air conditioner compressor?

  1. If you hear a monotonous humming, knocking, or rumbling noise while the air conditioner is running.
  2. The electromagnetic coil is energized but does not turn on the clutch, which indicates its uselessness as the compressor is overheated.
  3. Unsatisfactory tightness of the compressor.

These are the most frequent causes of car air conditioner compressor failure. With some of them, you can handle yourself, but others will require the help of specialists. In our garage, we carry out a Bentley AC repair in the shortest possible time. At the same time, our specialists are using only modern equipment and high-quality parts. Diagnosing the device and removing and replacing the damaged part will take a few hours.

Bentley Models We Service

  • Bentley Continental
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur
  • Bentley Continental GT
  • Bentley Continental GTC
  • Bentley Arnage
  • Bentley Bentayga
  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Bentley Azure
  • Bentley Brooklands
  • Bentley Flying Spur