Automotive tuning

You may have heard about chip tuning if you are a car enthusiast. While many people are making a fuss about it, is it a worthy investment to have your car's chip tuned? The short answer is that performance chiptuning is worth every penny.

This is essentially all about modifying or changing the memory chip of your automobile ECU to achieve superior performance. The aim of ECU car chip tuning is numerous. Specialists from our Al Quoz garage bring to your attention four reasons why chip tuning is a good decision for your iron horse.

More power

One of the main reasons many people consider investing in performance chip tuning is because they want more power from their automobiles. Of course, changes are more noticeable in some vehicles than others. To ensure you do not damage your automotive while tuning, we recommend that a nearby specialist install it.

While the conservative nature of most automobile ECU is good because it helps the vehicle perform better under different conditions, it leaves some power behind unused.

You can come to our auto garage at Al Quoz, Dubai, where our team will help you tune several aspects of your automobile.

Cleaner emission

Another reason an automotive tuning is worth every penny is because it results in a much cleaner emission. To achieve this, we tune the timing, injection, fuel/air ratio, transmission, and so on. By regulating this aspect of your engine, you get complete combustion and more power.

Reducing the carbon footprint of our vehicles is essential because it helps the environment. If you can reduce your vehicle's carbon footprint and get more out of your car simultaneously, it is a win-win situation for everybody.

Better fuel consumption

A car performance tuning can as well help you get better fuel consumption. No doubt the fuel price keeps getting more expensive from month to month. So, saving fuel costs by simply tuning your vehicle's chip is a welcome development. Be cautious about getting the correct chip tuning when you aim to get better fuel consumption out of your car.

Because often, a motor tune for better fuel consumption may cause a reduction in horsepower. So, you may have to decide whether you want better fuel economy or more horsepower.

For this reason, we encourage everyone to bring their car to our garage in UAE to have it chip-tuned by our specialist.

Better drivability

We all have different driving needs. Sometimes, we may want to get more horsepower out of our vehicle, while sometimes, we may want more mileage. Whatever your driving needs may be at the moment, you can easily switch between modes to suit your needs by tuning your vehicle's ECU. Also, an ECU chip tuning can improve the drivability of your automobile. 

After all, tuning is accomplished by replacing the ECU, which is all about software. When you bring your vehicle to our workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai, our specialists handpick each software to suit your vehicle model. At the end of an ECU car chip tuning, we ensure you get the best version of your car in terms of drivability.


If you didn't know whether a vehicle tuning was worth the price at the beginning of this stuff, now you know. Note that a performance chip tuning will void the warranty if you have an active warranty. Also, be careful when driving to a nearby garage to get a quote from amateurs. Choose a garage with a good reputation and high-qualified specialists. Since tuning is considered an expensive service, repairing a car after a failed pumping can cost too much.

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