Audi, a German car manufacturer, was founded by August Horch in 1909. Undoubtedly, the brand has a rich history with numerous successes along the way. For one, Audi won the International Australian Alpine Rally three times in a row. Also, Audi was the first to incorporate a left-hand drive and floor-mounted gear. And over the years, it has consistently advanced in technology at an exponential rate, making them one of the leaders in the industry. Owning the 'four rings' represents your taste in quality engineering, luxury, and speed.

But while there are so many reasons to love Audi, like its reliability, driving comfort, loaded advanced technology, winning look, and so on, failure to take proper care of it can lead to unwanted car problems. Thankfully, it's one of those vehicles that require minimal maintenance, though expensive. Nonetheless, paying attention to the signs when you need a service or repair would be best. But due to its sophisticated engineering, you must allow only expert professionals access to work on your Audi.

At Easy Care Auto, all our technicians are well-trained and ASE-certified. You can rest assured that your ‘Quattro’ will get the best care possible when you come to get your service or repair from us, as we are the top-rated Audi workshop in the whole of the UAE.

Top-Rated Audi Service Center

After making such a huge investment to buy an Audi, it’s only expected to want to get the best comfort and service from it. And as a luxurious car, its service and maintenance should be done by only an expert. But finding an expert auto technician you can trust in Dubai can take time and effort. But not anymore, as Easy Сare Auto has solved the common challenge of incompetence in Al Quoz. At our Dubai garage, you can bring your vehicle to us and leave with peace of mind knowing you will come back to meet it in premium condition.

We have retained our title as the top-rated Audi workshop thanks to our unwavering standard operating procedure that leaves no stone unturned. We take pride in our work as each team member undergoes rigorous training and has attained vast experience handling several supercars. You also don’t have to worry about the price as we are relatively affordable.

So, when next you find yourself needing top-notch Audi car service, give us a call.

Audi Repair and Car Services

As mentioned above, you may need a wide range of repair and car services when you drive an Audi. In such cases, at Easy Care Auto, we offer a diverse range of services to help ensure your iron horse is in the best condition. Let's check most of the car services we offer below:

Audi Diagnostic

If you have ever been in a situation where your car is acting weird, and you don't know why then diagnostic service is highly recommended. Or, when the indicator lights on your dashboard are on (check engine, for instance), you should come for a diagnostic test. When you apply to us for it, we scan your vehicle with our sophisticated computerized diagnostic tool to check for issues. Diagnoses scan for issues with components like the oil tank, transmission, throttle, engine, and so on.

So, if you ever need a convenient diagnostic scan of your Audi, book an appointment with the specialist at Easy Care Auto. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and help fix the issue that brought you to us in the first place.

Audi Maintenance

To keep your vehicle in order, it's a must to adhere strictly to scheduled maintenance and service. Seeing everything in order may initially seem extra. Still, it helps to ensure your safety and dependability and even increases fuel efficiency. Not keeping up with your Audi's maintenance service can lead to overheating, unexpected breakdowns, issues starting, etc.

A good rule of thumb is to get a monthly maintenance check for your vehicle. When you come to us, we diagnose your vehicle and check the integrity of several like the radiator, coolant leak, catalytic converter, motor, suspension, and so on. And if you need to repair or replace anything immediately or in the nearest future, you'd be made aware.

Audi Battery Replacement

Your car battery is an essential component that stores energy to produce electricity. A faulty alternator will damage the battery, amongst other things. While the battery of an Audi is durable, it has a finite lifespan. With time, the battery will no longer hold as much charge as it once did; hence, it will discharge faster. At such time, if you don't replace the battery, you may run into issues like your car wouldn't start or the electric components wouldn't work.

So, when you notice the battery warning light on your dashboard is illuminated, you should visit our workshop immediately for a replacement service.

Audi Oil Change

An oil change is another essential service of an automobile you should pay attention to. An oil change is necessary because it degrades, and impurities can find their way into it. To ensure the free flow of the oil and proper lubrication, you should change the oil in your vehicle regularly.

For an Audi, it's advisable to change the oil at least once between 5,000 miles and 10,000 miles, depending on the model you drive. While you get an oil change, it is often recommended to get an oil filter. This filter helps to keep impurities out of your engine. Local mechanics from ECare Auto are vast with different models of Audi, so you can trust them to get the right oil for your vehicle.

Audi Gearbox Oil Change

A gearbox oil change is another essential service you should always pay attention to when due. This lubricant is specially designed for automobile differential, transfer cases, and automobile transmission. Also, remember to change the gearbox oil filter whenever you want to change the gear oil.

When you notice the gear oil indicator light is ON, or you find it challenging putting your vehicle in gear, or it wouldn't stay in gear, it's a clear sign that you need a gearbox oil change. If you drive a manual Audi, you will likely need a gearbox oil change sooner than if you drive an automatic. We can help with all gearbox oil change services; you only have to book an appointment.

Audi Brake Fluid Change

If you have an Audi that uses a hydraulic brake, paying attention to the brake fluid is mandatory. The brake fluid works because every time you press the pedal, it builds up pressure which gets transferred to the tire. As such, when you don't have enough brake fluid or the brake fluid is leaking, the braking system would not be as effective. Also, when there are impurities in the brake fluid, it wouldn't be as effective.

For these reasons, it is essential to have the brake fluid checked regularly. And to ensure the braking system is in optimal condition, you ought to change the brake fluid at least 30,000 miles.

Audi ABS Module Repair

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps to prevent your vehicle from hydroplaning or skidding when you apply a heavy break. Suppose you are having an issue with the module of the ABS. In that case, you need an expert technician who understands the working principle of the microprocessor of an Audi.

Fortunately, we have experienced, skilled technicians at our garage nearby that can help you with all kinds of issues you may have with the control module of your Audi. When you come to us, professionals run a diagnostic test on your vehicle ABS to identify the issue with the ABS modulator and then fix the problem from the root.

Audi ABS Pump Repair

The ABS pump is a unit in your Audi's ABS that restores the pressure loss to the hydraulic brakes. Failure in the ABS pump can be catastrophic, so taking note of early signs this unit is failing comes in handy. Commonly, you notice the brake pedal is consistently locking up. If it becomes increasingly difficult to push, or the ABS indicator light on the dashboard is on, then you should book an appointment with us for an ABS check. A fully functional ABS pump is essential as it helps you maintain complete control even on rugged terrain.

Audi Brake Service

Irrespective of the model of the Audi you drive, the brake will deteriorate and need to be repaired or replaced with time. It can be any of its numerous parts, like bushings, rotor, caliper, pads, and so on, that will deteriorate first. Whatever the case, it is essential to stay ahead of it to prevent brake failure. Factors like your driving style, terrain, road debris, poor maintenance, and so on can shorten your brake lifespan.

So, when you come to us for a brake service, we perform numerous checks and services such as an Audi brake pad replacement, replacing the old brake fluid, resurfacing the rotors, adjusting brake mechanics, and so much more.

Audi Wheel Alignment

If your wheels are not well aligned, it plays a crucial role in your vehicle's optimum performance. The main reason your wheel goes out of alignment in the first place is often due to bad terrain and your driving style.

Driving around with your wheels not well aligned is unsafe, so it's essential to get it fixed. A poorly aligned wheel will also cause premature tire wear, or your vehicle will tilt left or right while driving. When you come to our garage for a wheel alignment, we use computerized wheel alignment equipment to ensure you get the best alignment.

Audi Gearbox Service

When you think about the gearbox of your Audi, what should come to mind is a mechanical component like the Tiptronic, CVT, and motor. The gearbox is often connected to the engine from one end. It involves many moving parts, which can cause a lot of heat buildup if not well-lubricated and inspected periodically.

Ignoring an issue with the gearbox could damage other parts of your car. An essential part of your vehicle needs to be serviced regularly. If you notice any sign of a fault with your vehicle's gearbox, you should bring it for a checkup.

Audi DSG Service

A DSG or direct shift gearbox is essential in many Volkswagen Audi group cars. The DSG needs to be inspected, like the clutch, to ensure your vehicle is running optimally. This service is essential because, with time, impurities often find their way into the reservoir. So, if left unchecked, these impurities can cause internal damages that would cost a lot to fix.

If you need a DSG service or an Audi mechatronic repair, visit our service center in Al Quoz, UAE. One thing about getting your service from us is that we never compromise on quality. No matter how minor or significant the service is, we apply the same rigorous operating procedure.

Audi Timing Chain Replacement

Although the timing chain is durable and can often last the lifetime of your car, it can become faulty. The timing chain or timing belt is that component that helps to keep the engine in sync with the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. If there is a distortion in the sync, your vehicle will either go off or reduce its fuel efficiency.

As a rule of thumb, you should visit our nearby garage in Dubai and have our mechanic inspect your timing chain every 80,000 miles. This guide will help ensure your timing chain is in good condition and can last you long enough until your next service. And if you need a timing chain replacement or an Audi cambelt change, you can trust our mechanics to deliver.

Audi Engine Repair

An engine repair is something every car owner dreads. The price aside, the complicated design of an Audi engine is such that only some mechanics understand their way around it. So, most times, when you need something done on your engine, most mechanics are merely second-guessing themselves. However, the only way to work with certainty is to entrust your Audi engine repair to us at Easy Care Auto, as mechanics out there are vast with handling the engine of any '4 rings' model. So, whether you want to rebuild, repair, or even replace your engine bottom and head gasket. So you can trust us to get the best, as we have worked on several engines before. So, when there is an issue with your Audi engine, you can be assured of getting the best service.

Audi Performance Tuning

Getting a performance tune on your Audi is excellent, but if not done correctly, it could leave your vehicle in an undesirable condition. In some cases, an inexperienced mechanic may over-tune your car, which could damage several parts. As such, when you need a performance tune, it is best to come to a garage where you know the technicians are experienced and know what they are doing.

When you come to us to get a performance tune, we consider the limits of your vehicle's model. So, you can trust us to get the best tuning, whether you are after an interior, engine, body, or even suspension tuning.

Audi Air Conditioning Service

If you aren't happy with the state of the air conditioning of your vehicle, you should have it checked. You don't have to wait until your air conditioning stops working before you have it checked. For example, you must replace the air and cabin air filters at least once every 30,000 miles. In some extreme weather conditions, you may have to replace the air filters around 10,000 miles. If you don't replace the air filter, the air in the cabin of your Audi will have a weird odor, plus impurities from outside will find their way into the cabin while driving.

At Easy Care Auto, we offer all Audi AC repair and services. When you come to get your AC service from us, we also inspect the evaporator, compressor, hoses, expansion valves, blower motor, condenser, and so on.

Audi Windshield Repair

Your Audi's windshield performs the crucial function of shielding the cabin from wind and debris outside. It is undoubtedly a valuable component, so if it is broken, you should have it fixed as soon as possible.

At Easy Care Auto, we can help repair or replace the windshield and the window of any model of Audi. We have access to OEM windshields, so you can trust us not to compromise on quality. Also, you can get all kinds of custom windshields from us. We have windshields that block out harmful UV lights, bulletproof windshields, and so on.

All you have to do is book an appointment, and we will walk you through the cost estimation for your specific Audi model.

Audi Sunroof Repair

A sunroof adds to the appealing aesthetics of an Audi. If your vehicle's sunroof is faulty or shows signs of defect, book an appointment, and let's fix it. We deal with all kinds of sunroof repairs, including cracked, chipped, or even shattered sunroofs. If the sunroof's motor is not working, we can help fix that. If you are after something more custom-like to fit your personality, we also got you covered as we have a range of sunroofs you can choose from. And it does not matter what model of Audi you drive; we have something right for you.

Audi Body Shop

Owning an Audi is great until there is a scratch or dent on the body. Whether you were in a collision or brushed against an object, having that scratch mark on your Audi can reduce its value. But no matter how severe the body damage may be, we can help you restore, refinish, and even replace the body frames of your Audi.

We have one of the best body shops in Al Quoz. Our specialists have the skill to thoroughly inspect for structural damage and assess the repairability of your vehicle such that we return it to its former glory. We offer various body shop services such as painting, front or rear bumper replacement, headlight replacement, body filler, detailing, etc. So, give us a call to book an appointment today.

Audi Models We Service

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