Alternator replacement

Have you ever taken your time to wonder how your car works? Or how does its battery stay charged and the electrical components get a power supply? Well, it's not rocket science; this is because of a component in your auto known as an alternator. It is an electrical generator in your car that serves a crucial function. But, like most parts of your vehicle, it can get faulty.

Changing alternator when faulty is crucial to ensure your vehicle function properly. You should look out for symptoms that indicate you need a part replacement. If you do need to replace car alternator, just bring your automobile to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. The high-qualified team will help you troubleshoot in no time and at a good price.

Common signs when it's time to change car alternator

If you notice the following signs on your automotive, it may mean you need to start budgeting for an alternator replacement.

Dashboard indicator

Some automobiles are equipped with an indicator labeled GEN or ALT on their dashboard. These indicators are connected to a sensor that is working with the alternator. It may simply be a symbol of an accumulator on some other vehicles. Whichever sign you have on your dashboard, if it illuminates, then there's a problem with an appropriate part.

If you notice the indicator for the alternator is on, make your way to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our specialists will run some tests on your vehicle and get to the root of the problem.

Dead battery

Replacement your automobile's alternator is necessary when you notice your battery is always down. Perhaps you had to jump-start your car, hoping the battery would charge after driving around nearby places for hours. But after turning off your vehicle, you still can't get the battery charged to turn it on. Therefore, it is not certain that a battery replacement is needed.

Electrical accessories fail

Contrary to what many people think, the battery isn't the only power source. Most electrical accessories in your automobile, such as the AC, power seats, etc., are powered by the alternator. So, if it goes bad, most of these units on your automobile wouldn't function at all or properly.

Flickering/dimming headlight

Other times, it could be that you'd notice the headlights flickering or dim out while driving. The sign indicates a problem with the power source, which is the alternator. Driving around in such a condition is risky and could land you in trouble.

How do you test a bad alternator?

If you suspect your alternator is faulty, a way to know for sure is to have a specialist test it. So, you can bring your automobile to a nearby workshop in the UAE, where professionals will test it with a multimeter. A normal functioning alternator should have a 13.8 and 14.4 volts voltage reading. Anything below or above this figure is an anomaly and indicates the need to consider fitting an alternator replacement.

The best option is to visit our garage in Al Quoz. We have professionals who specialize specifically in electronics. These guys will easily fix a breakdown and give you handy tips to prevent further part replacement.


Depending on car make and model, an alternator installation shouldn't take more than a couple of hours or cost you too much, even in the UAE. Note that it is better to pay the price for only an alternator replacement than to have it damage other components of your automobile.

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