Alloy rim crack repair

Some car enthusiasts suggest that you should not repair broken alloy wheels but replace them. At the same time, you can feel free to take your vehicle to an auto garage for cracked alloy wheel repair services. But determining the damage rate should be left to a professional mechanic. If you want to know if the crack on your alloy wheel is repairable, take your vehicle to our trusted wheel repair shop in Al Quoz for inspection.

How do auto mechanics determine whether a cracked alloy wheel is repairable?

At our local UAE shop, our specialists will painstakingly inspect the condition of the cracked alloy wheel on your automobile. They look out for two main things to determine whether it is cheap to repair or price is worth replacing the wheel:

The severity of the crack

Firstly, professionals look out for the severity of the crack. The bigger and more severe the damages are, the harder they will be to repair. If the nature of the break does not compromise the rim's structure, then fixing it might be the perfect option.

Note that alloy combines two metals, so they are cast and not forged. Hence, it won't be easy to heat and hammer the wheel to pull or push the crack into place.

The nature of the alloy

Another thing professionals look out for is the type of alloy wheel you have on your automotive. For example, a part of aluminum and steel, titanium and steel, or aluminum and copper cannot be fusion welded successfully.

To weld aluminum alloy, you must use the TIG welding process. If the type of alloy wheel does not allow it to produce a thick enough bead, then the next thing will be to go for a replacement in such a case.

Should you repair or replace your alloy wheel?

Note that alloy rim crack repair is always better than replacing it because it is cost-effective and factory-quality. Though you can easily replace a broken alloy wheel with an after-mart counterpart, there is no guarantee its quality will be up to that of factory-made. Thousands of parts are shipped from abroad yearly, but not all are tested to ensure they are up to standard.

What is the process of wheel alloy crack fix in Dubai?

When you bring your automobile to our wheel repair service in Al Quoz to fix a cracked alloy wheel, it goes through several stages. And all the steps require specialized equipment and specialist skills. So, when you come for a car alloy crack fix in Dubai, we carry out the following process:

  1. Ensuring the wheels are clean by washing them down
  2. Removing damaged paint and flattening chips with a sandpaper
  3. Filling the damaged area with putty or welding the wheel, depending on the nature of the alloy
  4. After completely drying, further sanding to flush
  5. Painting and refurbishing to leave a smooth and neat finish.

One secret to luxurious cars and why their wheels are outstanding is that they often use more durable, appealing, but expensive parts. Likely, you won't find rare alloy wheels in the nearby shop. At the same time, its repair will improve the performance and quality of your current vehicle. So, feel free to visit our garage and have a top-notch service!

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